OK, well now we're actually kind of interested in maybe watching the Big BenghaziPalooza Screamathon that the House Republicans are planning for sometime, dog knows when;no schedule's been decided yet. Turns out that, despite some calls for Democrats to boycott the kangaroo steeplechase altogether, Nancy Pelosi has gone and appointed 5 Democrats to the panel. And these are not likely to be members who will sit back and let the GOP get away with a lot of nonsense, at least. Looks like we'll have to fire up the TiVo!

The best news for Democrats is that Pelosi appointed Maryland's Elijah Cummings, Yr. Wonkette's Legislative Badass of the Year for 2013. The ranking Democratic member on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Rep. Cummings does not take any crap from the likes of Darrell Issa, and he's not going to take any nonsense from the R's on the committee either, even if they shut off his microphone, not that anyone will make that mistake a second time.

Then we have Tammy Duckworth from Illinois, who has already demonstrated her mad ass-kicking skillz against a "disabled" witness in a hearing -- whose "disability" was an old high school football injury. She will not suffer fools gladly.

And then there's the other three, who are at best sort of a "wait, who?" for most of us in the chatcave. California's Linda T. Sanchez, another Oversight Committee member, is, according to California political analyst R. Editrix Schoenkopf, "Loretta's sister but way cooler" and also a pretty cool "union chick." And then there's Adam Smith of Washington, who's the top Dem on the House Armed Services Committee, and Adam Schiff of California, who's on the Intelligence Committee. Frankly, we're just assuming that Pelosi went with the pairing of "Adam Smith and Adam Schiff" to fuck with newscasters.

And so there's your team for the Benghazi Bowl; now let's see just what sort of Tonya Harding tricks the R's come up with to keep them from actually countering the pre-approved wingnut conspiracy narrative.


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