Did Marrying A Woman Turn Prince Harry Into A Woman? Michelle Malkin Thinks So!


Michelle Malkin, defender of Japanese internment camps and anti-Semitic "Groypers," has come to rescue Prince Harry from being turned into a woman by virtue of being married to one.

In a tweet yesterday, Malkin used pictures to illustrate how before marrying Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was a manly man who wore nothing but camouflage all of the time always, on every occasion.

Sure. All of those pictures of Prince Harry in combat fatigues were taken while he was literally and very obviously serving in the military, but we can definitely infer, from those three pictures, that he wore them all of the time always.

(Quick aside, I would just like to point out that in the lower left picture in Malkin's tweet, Meghan Markle is wearing a Black Halo Jackie O Sheath dress, which retails for $375. Sure, it's a lot of money for a dress for most people, but I think it is extremely cool for a fancy now-ex-royal person to be wearing an off-the-rack dress that didn't cost a bazillion dollars.)

But then! After marrying Hollywood SJW Meghan Markle, poor Prince Harry turned into an emasculated wimp who goes around wearing suits to formal events, just like a woman. If that woman is Diane Keaton or my mom. Oh, what a transition it was! It seems very likely that the second that Markle got on the scene, she cruelly burned all of his beautiful camouflage outfits and told him he was only allowed to wear suits, because of social justice. I don't know if you know this, but the first rule of social justice is cocktail attire only.

Surely, being a part of the royal family, Prince Harry never would have been caught dead in a suit.

Like in this picture from 2013:


Although ... to be fair. He is in that picture with Michelle Obama. Also a woman of color. Could it be that women of color have a strange effect on the Prince? He gets around one and suddenly feels the urge to don some ladylike suit?

Maybe not! Maybe it's all women! Because here he is with Kate Middleton, a white lady, also wearing a suit. A weird suit that needs to be pressed and is not especially attractive-looking, but a suit nonetheless. The other men in the picture, similarly, are wearing suits. What could it all mean?


Surely, if he were a real man, he would wear nothing but combat fatigues always, because suits are for pussies. I guess.



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