Did Project Veritas Get Sources To Steal Ashley Biden's Stuff? Because That Is Not How Journalism Goes.

Did Project Veritas Get Sources To Steal Ashley Biden's Stuff? Because That Is Not How Journalism Goes.

Project Veritas may have stepped in some serious shit this time, according to the New York Times, which came out yesterday with more details on how James O'Keefe and his band of shit-stirrers got their hands on Ashley Biden's diary. Turns out, not so much with the whole "abandoned property" thing.

In case you forgot about this whole disgusting affair — or the fact that President Biden even had a daughter named Ashley — here's the backstory:

In early 2020, Ashley Biden, who had struggled with addiction, was staying in a friend's house in Delray Beach, Florida. She decided to come back to Philadelphia during her father's campaign, but she left some things at the house, because she intended to return after the election. In her absence, the friend allowed another woman named Aimee Harris to move in. Harris found items belonging to Ashley Biden, including a diary she had kept during a stint in rehab, and decided to turn them into cash.

Harris teamed up with a buddy named Richard Kurlander, and the two of them successfully managed to sell the diary to Project Veritas for $40,000, because they are disgusting people who should never live this down as long as they live.

Project Veritas is also disgusting people, and tried unsuccessfully to leverage the diary into a sit-down interview with Joe Biden in the days before the election. Biden turned them down, and Veritas decided not to publish the diary, although the journal turned up on another rightwing website, reportedly pissing off O'Keefe. In the meantime, something seems to have spooked him — perhaps the fact that you don't have to squint too hard to see what looks like attempted extortion in the way they tried to force Biden into talking to them — and on November 8, right after Biden was declared the winner, they transported the diary and other items back to Florida, where a lawyer unceremoniously dumped a duffel bag full of Ashley Biden's stuff on the Delray Beach Police Department, saying he "got it from an unnamed person at a hotel" and that it was "possibly stolen."

Yeah, possibly.

On November 3, 2021, O'Keefe's home and business were raided by the FBI, as well as the homes of two of his Veritas associates. At which point, half the media lost their shit, screaming about the government prosecuting Veritas for doing journalism. But not Your Wonkette, which is under no delusion that these ratfuckers are "journalists." And we were right!

Veritas's position has always been that Ashley Biden's diary was "abandoned property," or, in the alternative, that PV had nothing to do with illegally obtaining it and the rest of the stuff turned over to the cops in Florida. Turns out, maybe not!

But first, what kind of despicable ghouls pass a woman's deeply personal diary around a party?

A month before the call to Ms. Biden, the diary had been passed around a Trump fund-raiser in Florida at the home of a donor who helped steer the diary to Project Veritas and was later nominated by Mr. Trump to the National Cancer Advisory Board.

Second, according to the Times, Veritas did more than passively receive the purportedly "abandoned" items from Harris and Kurlander. In an attempt to verify the authenticity of the diary, Spencer Meads, one of O’Keefe’s "top lieutenants," went down to Florida to investigate, instructing Harris and Kurlander to steal more of Ashley Biden's personal belongings to connect it to her. And, lest we forget, the lawyer in this case, when he dealt with the cops, was unwilling to characterize it as "abandoned property."

None of this looks remotely like protected First Amendment IRL journalism. And neither does having a Veritas operative, using a fake name and without disclosing his affiliation with the group, call up Ashley Biden posing as a good Samaritan in an attempt to get her to authenticate it.

As the FBI has argued, there's no First Amendment protection for receiving stolen goods and transporting them across state lines, much less attempted extortion.

Oh, and PS, guess which presidential failson was at that fundraiser where this poor woman's diary was passed around for the guests' titillation?

Yep, it's Little Boy Lockjaw, himself. Here's how events went down when attorney Mark Paoletta, who was paid $50,000 for his efforts, tried to lobby congressional Republicans to pressure the DOJ to back off O'Keefe:

The lawyer, Mark Paoletta, said that upon learning about the diary at the fund-raiser, Donald Trump Jr. showed no interest in it and said that whoever was in possession of it should report it to the F.B.I. But shortly thereafter Mr. Paoletta, who had served as Vice President Mike Pence’s top lawyer in the White House, called back the congressional Republicans to say he was unsure whether the account about Donald Trump Jr.’s reaction was accurate.

LOL, that's a hell of a walkback! Paoletta's long resume includes smearing women who wanted to testify against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas, massaging the narrative about Sarah Palin when she was McCain's running mate, and, as a lawyer at the Office of Management and budget, painting the congressionally allocated defense funds Trump withheld in an attempt to extort the President of Ukraine as very cool, very legal.

In summary and in conclusion, these people are FILTH, and are no more journalists than they are ballerinas. Lock them up!


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