Did This Bunny Rabbit Just F*ck Himself To Death?!

It's time for another dispatch from Wonkette's Funny Animal Fucking Videos department! Last time, we met Lu Lu, a Chinese panda bear who gave his Girl Frand Thang the D for EIGHT WHOLE MINUTES, which is a very long time for the panda bears to engage in sinful coitus!

Today, we are on the other end of the spectrum, in many ways. First of all, bunny rabbits are much smaller than pandas, by AT LEAST half. Also, this here rabbit Don Juan manages to mount, do the deed, and possibly die of a heart attack in, like, two seconds or less. Let's go to the video:

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Hard to say what just happened there. Did he just flop over because he's tired, all like "nah bitch I'm done, lock the door on your way out?" If so, RUDE, you are very bad at bunny sex and you are FIRED. But also very convincing! Or did he just cold die of a heart attack and/or ecstasy? Readers who are animal sex experts (oh, like you aren't) will have to do scientific analysis and report your findings in the comments, which are still not allowed.

All we know is that if that's what "fuck like bunnies" means, we definitely don't think we want to do it, unless we specifically say "let's race!" because we're on a deadline or something.

[Barstool Sports]

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