Dinesh D'Souza Whines About 'Lawless' Obama Administration, From Jail

D'Felon Dinesh D'Souza, who makes "films" and writes "books" and pleads "guilty" to breaking "laws" and is still some kind of tea party hero for reasons we will never understand, used his yard time this week to ramble on about Obama this and that boo hoo. He appeared via Skype -- because he is in a San Diego jail-type halfway house "community confinement center" for people who commit crimes but have enough money to hire real good lawyers so they only go to pretend prison, which is unfair to D'Souza ... somehow, who knows? He is a whiny crybaby and also a felon.

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So D'Souza was jail-Skyping with some idiot from Newsmax named Steve Malzberg on a show we guess is called Newsmax Skyping With Some Idiot Steve Malzberg, and wow does Some Idiot think D'Souza is just terrific, really, he would have D'Souza on his show every day if he could, but daily Skyping is not permitted under semi-jail rules, or maybe D'Souza gets himself thrown in the hole often enough that he can't make that kind of regular commitment.

Some Idiot wants to know what D'Souza thinks about how Hillary Clinton is breaking the law all the time, and who better to ask than a guy who is serving eight months for breaking the law all the time? So here is Dinesh D'Souza sharing his deep thoughts about how unfair it is that he is in jail, and not a single anyone from the Obama administration is his cellmate:

There’s a kind of lawlessness that seems to be at large here, and the real question is that at some level, will this party and will this government be held democratically accountable for that, or is this going to be now seen as part of the way of doing business in America?

By the way, I come from a country -- India -- where this kind of lawlessness is pervasive. But I thought one of the special things about America is that here, the same people who make the laws have to live under the laws. They don’t get special treatment, and that’s what seems to be at stake here.

It makes D'Souza very sad that Harry Reid and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have been special treatment-ed by not having to plead guilty to anything, while D'Souza is sitting there in Special Treatment Fake Jail Prison By The Beach, all convicted like a convict who's been convicted of doing crimes. Unfair! But you know why President Obama is not rotting in fake jail too, don't you? Yeah, you do:

I think we’re living in an abnormal time in American politics, in which, because Obama’s the first African American president, he’s been wearing a de facto halo. And that means that even if incriminating information comes out, there’s a tendency to ignore it, to suppress it. Obama knows that. And so it makes him, in a way, more confident, more cocky that he can get away with it because so far, he has.

Hillary, I think, will probably expect the same immunity because she’ll be running as the first woman aspiring to be president. And so maybe she thinks that the halo will transfer to her.

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President Obama is wearing a magical halo that protects him from having to plead guilty to crimes, like D'Souza had to, eh? Whatever, Obama is still a "vulgar" "ghetto" "boy," even if no one will send him to jail for it.



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