Conservative Intellectual™ Dinesh D'Souza is getting his David Attenborough on in this short clip posted to his website this week, and he wants to lay some learning on you good folks:

The ant is very industrious. I’ve been reading the Harvard scholar E.O. Wilson, an authority on ants, and he points out that the ant can be an individualist. But, at the same time, ants like to work together; they will cooperate voluntarily to haul food.

Yep, insects that work as a hive mind are rugged individualists who "volunteer" to help each other. In a better world, E.O. Wilson would break into the soundtrack and say "You know nothing of my work."

We can hardly wait to see D'Souza's exciting new movie, which we expect will be every bit as intellectually rigorous as this clip.


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Doktor Zoom

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