Dipshit Who Went To White House For Gateway Pundit: 'It's OK To Be White' And Also Assault Chicks

The little guy is quite a scrapper. Against women.

The Stupidest White House Correspondent on the Internet, Gateway Pundit's Lucian Wintrich, got himself arrested last night after attacking a woman who took papers off his podium while he delivered a very important "It's OK to be White" speech at the University of Connecticut. Wintrich was arrested by UConn police and charged with a misdemeanor count of "breach of the peace"; he was later released on $1,000 bond. Here is some video of the TUMULT and AFFRAY:

Late in the evening, Wintrich had taken to Twitter to express his horror at all the violence. From the students at his speech, one of whom he flung himself at as if he were in a playground fight:

So yeah, a woman takes some papers, you grab her by the neck and throw her to the ground, and you're very disturbed by the violence. Good call.

Wintrich was near the end of his almost hourlong speech on the OK-ness of being white, a topic you'd think had already been expressed in full flower when 4-chan trolls posted it all over the place earlier this month, when the woman took the papers off his podium, after which Wintrich did the whole WWE thing. For any trolls visiting, this is where we point out that, no, the woman should not have done that, but also that the Castle Doctrine doesn't apply in a lecture hall -- you can't shoot someone, or even beat them up, for stealing your speech. Especially since there was no shortage of campus cops right there -- Wintrich could just as well have shouted, "Officer, detain that harridan! She has purloined my great speech about the joys of whiteness!"

The entire event, organized by the UConn College Republicans, was something of a shitshow. The Hartford Courant reports College Republicans President Tim Sullivan introduced Wintrich by instructing the audience to not be "a bunch of snowflakes," and that Wintrich offered some deep insights, like the reason for the event's poster featuring a guy in Renaissance garb: You see, the left is intolerant of traditional white garments:

Liberals “want black people to dress like they did in Africa 300 years ago,” he said, before turning his slideshow to a photo of women in burkas. “They want Muslims to dress the way they’ve always dressed.

“The left wants them to seem like visual advertisers for their multicultural utopia they’re claiming to promote.”

So Wintrich thinks Political Correctness is keeping him from wearing a jerkin and tights? Dude, there's a Renaissance festival near you, we're sure. We had no idea how hard it is to be white. The crowd heckled Wintrich throughout, and apparently the whole thing was intellectual as fuck. Masochists can find the text of Mr. Wintrich's speech at the Gateway Pundit. He even reproduces his Very Provocative slides:

What a cutup!

After Wintrich was led off to the campus hoosegow, there was some actual violence committed by someone outside the lecture hall -- a window was broken and a smoke bomb was thrown in. A student was arrested for the broken window -- but not the smoke bomb -- and also charged with breach of the peace, then released on bond. The violent liberals at Wonkette also condemn such hooliganism, in case you were wondering.

Mr. Wintrich, having survived being forced by leftist violence into assaulting a miscreant who took his precious paper, will now presumably get back to his other intellectual pursuits, such as calling for the deportation of Native Americans who flip off Mt. Rushmore and warning of imminent attacks by millions of antifa super-soldiers. Now, if only he can find a codpiece small enough for his outfit.

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