Disgraced Former MO Gov Eric Greitens Shouts LOCK HER UP In Pathetic Attempt To Get Trump Nod

Has there ever been a pack of more gullible numpties than the Trump family? A crew of more reliably un-self-aware and craven marks for the shadiest, most transparently self-serving charlatans?

That was a rhetorical question obviously. But just look at the big, dumb failson.

How very dare this person campaign on a promise of investigating their political enemies, wonders man whose father led chants of LOCK HER UP and told Hillary Clinton to her face that he was going to put her in jail if he got elected. The invocation of George Soros, the Jewish supposed mastermind behind a Black lawyer elected by 62 percent of New York voters, makes it a perfect tweet.

But wait, there's more! Let's click through to that article, shall we?

"Today, Letitia James, the Soros-funded radical left New York Attorney General, is weaponizing the criminal justice system as an instrument of political attack on former President Donald Trump," the author howls, before briefly and perfunctorily touching several wingnut erogenous zones.

We've got "an evil effort to frame U.S. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn," "Justice Brett Kavanaugh, was viciously targeted," and of course "hysterical Trump-Russia collusion hoax." Plus four mentions of philanthropist George Soros in a 550-word article. Oooh, daddy, that's just how Eric Trump likes it.

"Mr. Trump is right to sue Ms. James for her massive abuse of power and if any fairness remains in the American judicial system, he will win," the writer fumes, referencing the Trump family's preposterous lawsuit seeking to have a federal judge seize jurisdiction from the state court and order New York Attorney General Tish James to quit investigating the Trump family for crimes.

"There is nothing more dangerous in America than a corrupt, politically motivated prosecutor," concludes the writer. "Soros-funded prosecutors like Ms. James and Ms. Gardner should not only be disbarred; they should also be in prison."

Can you guess who the author of this screed is? Hint: It's someone who's really mad at Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner.

That's right, it's disgraced former governor and current US Senate candidate Eric Greitens! In 2018, Greitens resigned after a woman he'd had an affair with accused him of various abuses, including tying her down and taking a photograph of her naked, which he threatened to send to everyone she knew if she exposed their affair. He's right that Gardner's office didn't manage to successfully prosecute him. But a committee of state legislators, led by his fellow Republicans, conducted their own investigation and found the accuser totally credible. The same committee also found that Greitens had improperly used the donor list from his veterans' charity to fundraise for his political campaigns.

Incidentally, he didn't resign because of the sex part. He finally tapped out because Josh Hawley, who was then Missouri's attorney general, announced that he was investigating Greitens for campaign finance violations. The matter was eventually dropped after Hawley had put enough distance between himself and Greitens to take out Claire McCaskill, although it'll still be awkward if Greitens wins the Republican nomination and then heads to DC as Missouri's junior senator.

But that's exactly what he's hoping will happen, and this ridiculous op-ed in the Washington Times is a transparent attempt to win Trump's endorsement. What better way to get the old man's attention than to cast himself as a fellow victim of a Black female prosecutor and call to jail Trump's nemesis? It's probably just a coincidence that Don Jr.'s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle is national chair of Greitens's Senate campaign, right?

Maybe he felt like he had to take drastic steps after Hugh Hewitt begged Trump not to give him the nod, saying "Please don't, please don't endorse Eric Greitens. That's a nightmare, Mr. President. We'll lose that seat."

And here he is getting RT'd by the president's dumbest son, although not name-checked. Frowny face!

Trump hasn't endorsed yet, but Greitens is clearly swinging for the fences, hoping he can be the Herschel Walker of Missouri.

And PS, it's really, really gross for Greitens, who is Jewish, to invoke the specter of a Jewish Holocaust survivor secretly controlling American government officials, particularly on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

[Washington Times]

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