Do You Need This Kitten Video Right Now? Yes, You Do.

Do You Need This Kitten Video Right Now? Yes, You Do.

We have made you feel terrible awful no good very bad this week, with all the terrible awful no good very bad things we had to journalism at you, because of how we try to keep you informed on stuff, when we're not just making dick jokes. (OK, yes, we are often just making dick jokes. But not always!)

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We had to tell you about this awful radio host wingnut lady who wants to "string up" the Congressional Black Caucus. Sorry, but we had to. And we had to report so you can decide that these idiot anti-vaxxers are idiots, sorry, but we figured you'd want to know. Oh, and the Justice Department released reports on its investigation of the Ferguson Police Department in Missouri, and yeah, we made Gary read all the pages and tell you all the terrible stuff, sorry Gary and everyone.

And of course we've kept you up to date about the worst state legislator we have ever heard of, sorry, but we had to do it, it is our job.

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Thus and therefore and ergo, we will give you some more kittens, again, because we need them and so do you. Again.

So please enjoy this video of some kittens in a basket.

P.S.: This one's for you, Very Concerned Commenter "LJAD1," since you were so Very Concerned that we were not covering Serious News enough for you.

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Hope you enjoyed it. Schmuck.

[Video and screengrab via Zeus & Phoebe's Cat Sanctuary]


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