Does Sexist Phucktard Elephant Killer Have Your Web Domain?


Repugnant slob Bob Parsons somehow has this huge Internet domain business, "Go Daddy." You probably have some web domains registered there, if you have web domains. Here is what this guy did, recently:

Multi-millionaire creep patronizes the most oppressive, vicious government in Africa to slaughter elephants, for fun. And yeah, this is the same cretin who writes insane racist/sexist bullshit on his company blog and puts incredibly offensive/sexist ads on the teevee.

If you've got domains registered through this Go Daddy craphole, you might want to move them. Wonkette uses Namecheap, which is offering a very pain-free way to transfer your domains from Go Daddy. (This is not an ad, we are just repulsed by Go Daddy. If you have another easy/moral way to transfer domains, please put it in the comments and we will update this post accordingly.)

Here's the ABC News report:


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