It's not really 2016 yet, but so far, things are not looking good for the GOP. They've already lost this proud teabagger because he loves his Obamacare a whole lot and doesn't want Republicans to take it away from him, and now they've lost Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter.

On Friday's "Outnumbered" -- the Fox News show by ladies, for ladies, with one special guest star token penis, for fairness and balance and [insert eyeroll here] -- the news girls were sooooooo sad to learn that Manly Mas Macho Man Dog, who is a Republican but in name only it seems, thinks none of those sad sack Republicans in the race can beat "the dynamic duo." No, dummy, Batman and Robin aren't running. He's talking about (duhn dunh dunh) THE CLINTONS!

"I want someone in there with experience," he explained. "We're at war." Sandra Smith (the blonde one) tried to set him straight by saying "yeah but Hillary secretary of state words fart giggle," but Dog has "faith" in the Clintons, sorry ladies. This is especially, like, OMG, such sad news to Kennedy, the former veejay from MTV, whose journamalism skills are so stellar, it's no wonder she does real news now at Fox:

That makes me so sad right now. Like, I love everything about you. I think you're powerful and heroic, but the fact that you endorse Hillary Clinton -- it makes me sadder than "The Notebook."

Get yourself together, Kennedy. Dog isn't endorsing Hillary Clinton -- yet. He's just saying we need a president who can kick some ISIS ass and take some ISIS names, and apparently, he doesn't think Rand Paul and his bountiful hair product can git 'er done. Or Marco Rubio, even though his wife is HAWT. Guess being married to the Big Dog beats Hot Wife, at least according to the political ideology of bounty hunter and reality teevee star Duane "Dog" Chapman.

You know it's bad for the conservative contenders of 2016 when even powerful and heroic Republicans prefer Hillary Clinton over the slim pickings of the GOP primary. What craziness will happen next -- Bill O'Reilly defends Clinton from conservative attacks? Hahaha, like that could ever happen.



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