Donald Trump Accidentally Right About A Thing

Donald Trump Accidentally Right About A Thing

Can we just say that it can be a little nauseating to see so many Republicans saying a lot of the right things about Syria for all the wrong reasons?

Of course, if Syria had any substantial oil reserves, the totally-serious-this-time possible presidential candidate might be singing a different tune, like that one time, so very long ago (March of this year) when he addressed CPAC and advocated re-invading Iraq so we could seize its oil and "pay ourselves back," because THAT would be such an excellent freakin' use of blood and treasure.

At least he's a consistent moron -- he said the same thing in 2011. And in 2011, he was only interested in intervening in Libya if the U.S. could -- guess what? -- "take the oil."

He's a man of ideas, you know. Ideas about oil. Oil that we should take.

[Twitter / Guardian]

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