Donald Trump Can't Wait To Ignore Today's Intelligence Briefing On Russian Hacking

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So many different things going on with the Russia hacking story right now! Today, Not Your President-Elect Donald Trump will be receiving a special intelligence briefing about how yes, you idiot, Russia interfered with the election and here is why. Once Trump is finished 'splaining to the CIA that actually he has special secret intelligence to give them, about this 400-pounder in New Jersey doing the hacking, we won't be surprised if he starts tweeting national security secrets all the same, because he's a very serious adult person.

Thursday, Sen. John McCain (R-Not Russia) convened a hearing in the Senate so Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and a couple other intelligence officials could calmly explain to nice Democrats, sane-ish Republicans (McCain and Lindsey Graham) and also the rest of the Republican stupids that yes, we know for sure Russia meddled and hacked in the 2016 election, yes, we know why (to get Trump elected, and also too other reasons), that it was directed by those at the highest level of Russian government (Putin) and yes, they can prove this.

As far as Julian Assange's protests (slurped up by Trump and Sean Hannity) that Russia TOTALLY didn't give Wikileaks that stuff, Clapper noted that the dickweasel is trapped in the Ecuadorian embassy in London hiding from rape charges, and said, "I don't think those of us in the intelligence community have a lot of respect for him." Clapper also doesn't seem to have much respect for Donald Trump, but then again, who does?

Clapper ... said that skepticism of intelligence is healthy (“the intelligence community is not perfect”) but that “I think there is a difference between skepticism and disparagement.”

He went on to say: “I don’t think the intelligence community gets the credit it’s due for what it does day in and day out to keep this nation secure.”

But, but, but! They were wrong about WMDs in Iraq, therefore they don't know nothin' about nothin', isn't that right? (For a fun sidebar, go read Digby on how the intelligence community didn't get that exactly wrong, but that the only information that made it up the "stovepipe" into Bush and Cheney's thick heads was what they wanted to hear. Digby's pretty sure that might be a factor here too, considering Trump's close relationship with his NSA pick, idiot former Gen. Michael Flynn, who pretty much makes up his own facts, because he's an idiot. Also he is super-gay for Russia. This probably was a factor in former CIA director James Woolsey resigning from Trump's transition team, citing how he was being sidelined and ignored.)

If you want something amusing that will maybe sorta give you hope that the Senate is serious about getting to the bottom of this and kicking some ass, you should watch this video of genteel southern bachelor Sen. Lindsey Graham yelling about throwing rocks at Russia and stuff. (God what a world. "Watch this Lindsey Graham video! It'll make you feel better!")


So! There is a 50-page classified report going around Washington right now, there will be an unclassified version next week, and oh boy, oh boy, we just bet a bunch of stuff is going to leak this weekend too, because when the intelligence community is pissed off (and it fucking is), leaks happen.

Poor Donald Trump does not understand this:

Welcome to Washington, you sniveling neophyte. Because, you see, the leaks are already happening! President Obama got the classified report yesterday, and also yesterday, the Washington Post reported that contained therein are communications the U.S. intercepted, of high-ranking Russian officials toasting each other and saying "Good game!" over how good they fucked up our election. It also says we have identified the "actors" who helped Russia deliver all the leaky-leaky to WikiLeaks. Is there more? Surely!

We sure do hope Donald Trump has fun at his intelligence briefing today, and is able to fully school the briefers on why he knows things better than they do, on account of his decades of experience building shitty hotels and grabbing pussy. Or, if he actually, deep down somewhere in his shriveled bean bag of a heart, cares about this country, he could take the briefing to heart and strive to do everything he can to keep America safe, hahahahaha, look at us over here acting like that's even a possibility, even though he just told the Times the intelligence communities are on a "political witch hunt," when his buddies literally accused Hillary Clinton's campaign chair of witchcraft. Isn't life grand?

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