Donald Trump Going To NRA Convention To Tell NRA What NRA Told Him He Thinks About Guns

I know what you're thinking. Did he hire six dipshits, or only five?

Donald Trump is getting set to travel to Dallas this week to address the National Rifle Association's annual meeting, which is something of a ritual for him -- this will be the fourth consecutive NRA convention at which Trump has spoken. It's also the first one he's addressed since the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, after which Trump caused great wailing and gnashing of teeth among gun-humpers when he briefly floated the idea of raising the age for all firearms purchases to 21 and encouraged lawmakers not to fear the NRA in crafting gun legislation. He even speculated that people accused of doing bad things should have their guns taken away first, and then authorities could "go through due process second." We're sure he only said that because in Trump's head, "due process" is a thing only liberal pussies care about, not tough on crime guys like Trump, but then someone explained the only acceptable position on guns is that they have to be taken from your cold dead perfectly-normal-sized hands.

After meetings with NRA leaders who patiently explained to him what he really thinks about guns, Trump dropped all that nonsense and settled on the perfectly reasonable measure of calling for teachers to carry concealed weapons if they wanted to, but only if they were very proficient with guns, as so many gym teachers imagine themselves to be. Isn't it beautiful what $30 million in dark money for the 2016 elections can accomplish? So now Trump will visit Dallas to talk about how wonderful a heavily armed America is, because if any city says "responsible American with a gun," it's the home of Dealey Plaza. No word on whether Trump plans to check the book repository for Ted Cruz's father's DNA.

As with Mike Pence's speech to the Dallas meeting scheduled for this Friday, no one will be allowed to carry firearms in the convention center the day of the speech, because the Secret Service doesn't trust good guys with guns. The NRA says it's just stuck with these tyrannical limits on freedom, as WaPo explains:

“As a result, firearms and firearm accessories, knives or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum prior to and during his attendance,” the NRA said. A detailed list of prohibited items includes ammunition, drones, gun parts, firearm magazines, as well as signs and glass containers.

And darn you liberals, you'd better not accuse the NRA of banning firearms during the rest of the show -- despite what you may have seen on Twitter, the NRA is happy to accommodate guns all over the hotel and convention center; it just reminds everyone to comply with Texas and federal laws.

Not surprisingly, there are more than a few people pointing out that not allowing any guns around the "president" and his impeachment insurance policy flies in the face of the NRA's wisdom -- shared by Trump -- that America can only be safe when there are a whole bunch of folks toting guns around. That would include Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter Jaime was killed during the massacre in Parkland:

Ah, but it's not just evil gun-grabbers who see a bit of hypocrisy here; WaPo found some dissension among the shootitariat:

Some gun enthusiasts and apparent NRA members are displeased at the prohibition. At Texas CHL Forum, a message board for gun owners, commenters aired their frustrations.

“Obviously even republicans and so called leaders don’t trust the ‘good guys.’ I realize it’s the VP, but still makes our whole argument look foolish,” a commenter who self-identified as an NRA member said Thursday.

“You may disagree … but in my opinion the very people that claim to protect the 2A should never host an event that requires disarming the good guys. Sad. No excuses for this … it makes us look stupid,” the commenter said.

Another self-identified NRA member agreed, saying Friday: “Me personally, I won’t be listening to him speak. I won’t be going anywhere that I cant carry my firearm. It’s essentially the nations largest get together for gun owners and they won’t let law abiding legal gun owners carry guns because someone who’s supposedly pro 2A thinks its too ‘dangerous’? thats liberal logic right there.”

Others on the board pointed out that the Secret Service has to make sure presidents and vice presidents are safe, even if that means the ridiculous pretense that a room full of armed citizens might somehow be dangerous, which honestly would only be a problem if Trump or Pence tried to do tyranny right there at the convention. Or maybe if some unbalanced person with a gun had decided a book or movie was giving them explicit instructions to kill, but what are the odds of that? At least one commenter on the forum explained the gun restrictions were a sad necessity, because murderous liberals can't be trusted:

“Look at it this way, imagine what a prime opportunity it would be for some rabid gun hater to take a pot shot at the VP AT the NRA Annual Convention,” one commenter who self-identified as an NRA instructor said Saturday. “The campaign ads would write themselves.”

It's a sad truth: Someone who doesn't love guns sure could do a lot of damage if they went and did an attack like that.

While it's sad that some guy feels he won't be safe at an event crawling with Secret Service agents, we can all at least take some comfort from that research that concluded there are fewer firearms injuries nationwide during the week of the NRA annual meeting, and found gun injuries drop most sharply in the states where the convention is held, because all those gun-humpers are away from the shooting ranges and basements and bedrooms where they're normally handling their guns.

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