Donald Trump Jr. Heckled Off Stage By Trump Supporters Because God Is Good​

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Donald Trump Jr. Heckled Off Stage By Trump Supporters Because God Is Good​

Donald Trump Jr. -- the first and dumbest of the president's children -- just released a new book, Triggered, and his ghost writer gamely constructed something close to sentences from Junior's anti-liberal diatribes. Trump recently tweeted praise for his son's book, which we're certain he hasn't read and never will.

Triggered is subtitled How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. Trump Jr. expected to provide an in-the-field demonstration of liberal intolerance when he and his dented trophy girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle visited the University of California at Los Angeles yesterday. Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk moderated the event and barely 20 minutes had gone by before people started shouting down the annoying couple. This pleased Trump Jr. because he's apparently someone who "thrives on hate."

TRUMP JR.: Name a time when conservatives have disrupted even the furthest leftist on a college campus. It doesn't happen that way. We're willing to listen.

Yes, college campuses were once bastions of free speech before they let in women and minorities. White mobs used to threaten the lives of the first black students to attend once all-white colleges. But now it's all so unfair for conservative hacks who can't drop a load of their fetid rhetoric without smarter students heckling them. Women and minorities are also selectively targeted for harassment on social media, but Trump Jr. just dismisses them as "triggered" snowflakes.

The twist here is that while there were a lot of vocal anti-Trump protesters at the event, the audience members specifically calling out Trump Jr. were seemingly devoted fans of the president. They wore "Make America Great Again" caps and other clothing items indicative of low self-esteem. It makes sense that if you model yourself after Donald Trump, you're not going to like his son very much. However, these guys were more upset that the event had canceled a scheduled question-and-answer session. That's how you know they weren't liberal imposters. You don't need a Q&A to heckle Trump Jr. "Why do you suck so bad?" is only a rhetorical question.

Donald Trump Jr. Appearance At UCLA Draws Protests, Heightened

The MAGA dummies shouted "USA! USA!" and later "Q-and-A! Q-and-A!" Trump Jr., who's pushing a book about how "the Left" is trying to "silence" bigots, tried to explain why they should just politely shut up.

TRUMP JR: [The] reason oftentimes it doesn't make sense to do the Q&A is not because we're not willing to talk about the questions, cause we do. No. It's because people hijack it with nonsense looking to go for some sort of sound bite. You have people spreading nonsense, spreading hate, trying to take over the room.

Trump's fourth-favorite child -- his fifth when he remembers Tiffany -- just wants a "safe space" where he can express himself without people harassing him or questioning his right to exist. When LGBTQ students in high school ask for something similar, conservatives consider it an assault on religious freedom.

Guilfoyle lost it and called the hecklers unfuckable losers who are embarrassments to their families. We've been sayingthis for years.

GUILFOYLE: [Y]ou're not making your parents proud by being rude and disruptive and discourteous... Let me tell you something, I bet you engage and go on online dating because you're impressing no one here to get a date in person.

That's rude. They just wanted to open the Q&A. It's not like they said Guilfoyle was dressed like Catwoman's trashier sister, which was objectively true. The crowd got so pissed that the gross duo was "triggered" right off stage.

White nationalist dirtbag Nick Fuentes took credit for shutting down the event Sunday night. He said his beef isn't with Trump Jr. but with Turning Point USA. Racist assholes aren't even incapable of cordial relationships with other racist assholes. There were fewer actual liberal protesters at Trump Jr.'s UCLA event than family members at his birthday parties. We don't need to read his books or see him in person to know he's an affront to all that's good and decent.

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