Donald Trump Jr. Making Silly LOL Holocaust Jokes, As One Does

He's not Hitler saluting, that looks TOTALLY different.

Oh lord, looks like Donald Trump's oldest boy, Shitbiscuit Junior, has stuck his hoof in his maw again. He was just talking about how UNFAIR the media always is to his dumb daddy on the Chris Stigall radio show on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, making Whiny Whiny about how Hillary Clinton and the DNC get away with EVERYTHING, and they are so mean to Daddy and his fine upstanding Republican Party! This is a common theme he returns to again and again.

Tell us where it hurts, Junior:

They’ve let [Hillary Clinton] slide on every indiscrepancy (sic), on every lie, on every DNC game trying to get Bernie Sanders out of this thing. If Republicans were doing that ...

Yes? What would happen if the Republicans were doing those things, what would the media do to the Republicans and his daddy? Would it be like ... HITLER?

... they’d be warming up the gas chamber right now.

Yes, the media would be LITERALLY HOLOCAUSTING Trump and the rest of the Republicans, if they were doing all the dirty lies and "indescrepancies" [sic] the Democrats were (allegedly, in Junior's unkempt brain) doing.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Anyway, this is obviously LOL, because offhand Holocaust references are one of the best ways to show casual onlookers that your funny bone is in good, working order, at least in the dank, nasty, racist, white supremacist, neo-Nazi parts of the internet. Hey remember a few days ago when Trump Junior shared that really disgusting white supremacist meme? Good times.

But anyway, this is all a false alarm, because the Trump campaign says Baby Trumpers was clearly just talking about a capital punishment gas chamber, which is definitely, totally the most common and up-to-date way people are executed in the United States. Gosh almighty, it's been used in the United States TEN WHOLE TIMES since 1976, so it's definitely more seared into the public consciousness than the electric chair or lethal injection, when people think "capital punishment." (This whole paragraph contains many Big Sarcasms, if you did not know!)

The Holocaust, on the other hand ... gas chambers are kinda what comes to mind.

Anyway, the "alt-right" knows what he meant, even if the campaign is trying to backpedal. In fact, this kind of casual anti-semitism goes right along with the campaign's wholesale embrace of the "alt-right" movement (including bringing one of its head honchos in to RUN THE CAMPAIGN!), vice presidential candidate Mike Pence's refusal to call KKK dude David Duke "deplorable," and so many other things.

Remember that time Donald Trump Senior got all his deplorable followers to Hitler salute him, and then was like "LOL OOPS I DIDN'T KNOW"? (For the record, and for fairness, Trump has boldly declared that he is "not a fan of Hitler." Now, if Hitler had said nice things about Trump, then Trump would probably be slobbering all over his dead dick the way he does to Vladimir Putin.)

Maybe Little Trump legit didn't know gas chambers are how the Holocaust was done, because he is stupid. Maybe he just thinks it's a funny LOL zinger to say. Maybe, since his father didn't raise him well, he's just used to hearing casual anti-semitism thrown around the dinner table and doesn't know it's wrong. MAYBE he thinks it's OK to do bigotry at Jewishes because his brother-in-law Jared Kushner is Jewish and his sister converted, therefore he has TWO JEWISH FRIENDS.

Maybe maybe maybe, who the hell knows, what a dumb, racist fucking dipshit, the end.

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