Donald Trump JUST SAYING Maybe Those Jews Are Bomb Threating Themselves!

He loves Jewish people, though! Some of his hottest daughters are Jewish!


President Donald Trump told Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro that bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers may have been from “the reverse” to try to “make others look bad,” Shapiro said today.

When a reporter asked Shapiro if he took this to mean that Trump was implying his supporters were being framed, he responded that he can’t be sure what the president meant but that “he used the word ‘reverse’ I would say two to three times in his comments.”

Man, we hate it when unruly Jewishes "reverse" do things, to make it look like other people are being bad! There's reverse-racisting, reverse cowgirl-ing, and now the Jewish version, which is reverse bomb threating and reverse vandalizing, and hey, maybe they'll get to reverse Holocaust-ing before this is all over!

Did Steve Bannon actually write that statement out for Trump, or did he come up with it all by himself? And what do Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who are verified Jewish people, think about the notion that the recent national spate of Jewish graves being vandalized, Jewish Community Centers and schools getting hit with bomb threats, and just the general rise in anti-Semitic activity since the election, are false flag operations to make Trump supporters, who have NEVER BEEN KNOWN to be racist, look very bad and unkind? Are Ivanka and Jared cool with this accusation, or do they even care?

On the other hand, has Donald Trump not officially ended anti-Semitism forever, by meekly agreeing that hatred is bad? And, when that didn't shut up all his critics, because it was all he'd said in weeks, actually saying "NO, DO NOT BE MEAN TO JEWISHES, and also please stop killing nice Indian foreigners," right there in his joint address to Congress? Oh well, guess not everybody has gotten the message.

KKK dude David Duke, who still has quite a boner for Trump, has not gotten the message that anti-Semitism isn't cool, but he has gotten the message that Jewish people are reverse-racisting themselves:

Maybe Trump had been playing on Duke's Twitter feed right before he told the PA attorney general about the Jewishes doing things "from the reverse." And oh golly, as ShareBlue points out, Anthony Scaramucci, a Trump adviser, tweeted MUCH THE SAME THING on Tuesday:

Oh shut up, you fucking douche, James O'Keefe did not "reveal" any effort by "The Democrats" to incite violence. O'Keefe has never "revealed" anything in his life, besides that you PROBABLY shouldn't get on a dildo lube canoe with him by yourself.

But anyway, weird! Guess this is what Trump's America wants us to believe now! The Jews are sending bomb threats to themselves and fucking up their own cemeteries, to make it look like the Hitler Youth who support Trump are mean and terrible and bad. How unfair, of the Jewish people!

We're just surprised Trump hasn't tried to enlist the Jewish community in blaming the violence on Illegal Mexican Muslim Syrian Hispanics, but we guess that would be a little bit too cute by half, even for Trump. Might as well just do something new and different and blame the Jews!

[BillyPenn / Shareblue]

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