Donald Trump Kicks Mo Brooks In The D*ck As Senate Republicans Throw Him Under A Bus

“Mo Brooks is disappointing,” Donald Trump blarped to the Washington Examiner earlier this week. “I’m determining right now, has Mo Brooks — has he changed?”

Has Mo Brooks changed? What does that even mean?

The Alabama congressman was always a blithering idiot. He could never work and play well with others. There was never a moment when he could be described as "effective." Hell, even his own constituents opted for a known pedophile over him back in 2018. None of that mattered to Trump when he endorsed Brooks for the US Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Richard Shelby.

Everyone in DC knows Mo Brooks is dumb as a stump, and Trump went ahead and endorsed him anyway as payback for Brooks's starring role in the January 6 pre-riot rally. Trump was so unconcerned with Brooks's suitability for office, and so confident in his ability to put the race away by anointing his chosen candidate with holy orange oil, that he backed Brooks 11 months ago.

But now Brooks is locked in a three-way primary with Shelby's former chief of staff Katie Britt and Army pilot Michael Durant, whose experience being held captive by the Somali army was the basis of the movie Black Hawk Down. And with Alabama's 50 percent requirement, Republicans could be headed for a messy runoff if no one locks it down in the May 24 primary.

Worst for Trump would be if the dingbat he endorsed came in second place, and then got beat again in the runoff — a double dose of confirmation that the former president is a weak, sad loser whose endorsement isn't worth anything. So now Trump is casting around for a reason to ditch Brooks and has alighted on comments he made at a rally in August, i.e., seven months ago, suggesting that Republicans ought to concentrate on the future, rather than fixating on the non-existent vote fraud in 2020.

"There are some people who are despondent about the voter fraud and election theft in 2020. Beat them in 2022, beat them in 2024," he told the crowd, which responded with boos.

Now that Brooks's polling has turned to shit, Trump is booing, too, telling the Examiner, “I’m disappointed that he gave an inarticulate answer, and I’ll have to find out what he means. If it meant what he sounded like, I would have no problem changing [my endorsement] because when you endorse somebody, you endorse somebody based on principle. If he changed that principle, I would have no problem doing that.”

Ah, yes, the "principled" Trump endorsement. He is famous for his commitment to "principle," above all else. Many people are saying.

Meanwhile in DC, the party graybeards have had enough of this shit. They never wanted Brooks, who's just a few clicks more productive than Marjorie Taylor Greene — and that loon can at least raise money. So if Trump can't end the chaos, they'll have to take matters into their own hands. Politico reports this morning that Sen. Shelby is transferring his war chest to Britt to ensure that she gets a ticket to the runoff.

“I’m going to give it all away sooner or later. I’m going to help her, transfer it to a super PAC,” said Shelby, who has nearly $10 million in his campaign account and more than $6 million in a separate leadership PAC. He added that Britt is “doing well right now. Mo Brooks is dropping, you see that.”

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a close ally of Mitch McConnell, agreed. “People know what [Brooks] was like in the House. And I think there’s a general desire to have people that will be constructive and that we can work with. So that’s my view, and that’s probably the view of most of the conference,” he told Politico.

Cornyn's fellow Texan, Sen. Ted Cruz, is sticking with Brooks for the time being, although that slippery sumbitch will probably jump ship if Trump yanks his endorsement.

As for Brooks, he's got a plan and he's sticking to it. He'll keep groveling for Trump's love like a beaten dog, while lying about 2020 and talking smack about Sen. Mitch McConnell.

“On January 6th, I proudly stood with President Trump in the fight against voter fraud,” Brooks said in an ad released just hours after Trump cut him off at the knees, as flagged by Mediaite. “I’m running for the Senate because I’m tired of debt junkie, weak-kneed, open border RINOs who sell out our conservative values. That’s why President Trump endorses me and Mitch McConnell opposes us.”

LOL, remember 2020 when Trump rewarded Jeff Sessions's abject loyalty by ritually humiliating him and handing his seat over to a dimwit who doesn't even know the three branches of government?

Well, you know what they say ... history doesn't rhyme, but it's one really stupid thing after another.

[WashEx / Politico / Mediaite]

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