Donald Trump Likes Hillz For 2016, If She Lives That Long, Poor Dear

Donald Trump Likes Hillz For 2016, If She Lives That Long, Poor Dear

Clownish excrescence Donald Trump went on Larry King's internet-teevee program (yes, such a thing exists) to say that he's pretty sure that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, unless of course she'stoo old and frail by then. Trump speculated that 2016 looks good for Hillary, but it would be an awful shame if she were to be completely infirm and unable to govern:

“You have a big health question. Will she be healthy? ... I hope she’s healthy now. I think she is. But ya know that’s a long time. You have to wait until 2014 is over.”

Heck, by 2016 Hillary could be a mere shell of a human being, wracked with all sorts of horrible diseases, maybe even senile! Uh, God forbid such a thing should happen, ya know?

Insisting that he likes both Bill and Hillary Clinton "very much," Trump added that Hillary is in an excellent position to win the nomination, unless of course she isn't:

“You always have to think about health, and I think that subject to that or some crazy thing happening and lots of crazier things can happen, she has the nomination practically wrapped up would seem to me.”

The short-fingered vulgarian somehow managed to complete the interview without saying that Clinton seems "pretty spry" or mentioning the sad possibility that she might fall and break a hip, because you know how old ladies are.


Doktor Zoom

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