Donald Trump Love-Gushing Over Hillary Clinton Is Bestest Thing You'll See All Day!

Such sweet words, Donald!

There's a fun Trump recording going around the Twitter today! No, not those leaked Trump tapes published by the New York Times, 2014 interviews with Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio that reveal that Trump is a thin-skinned loser who's obsessed with his own fame and couldn't handle it when his first wife Ivana was better at skiing than he was. That's all well and good and you should listen to those tapes if you wanna, but it's not breaking news.

We'd instead like you to pull up a chair, pour yourself an adult beverage, and listen to Donald Trump GUSHING over what a fabulous lady Hillary Clinton is, about how Bill Clinton was a great president, and about how Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are just his favorites. It's like an #OctoberSurprise endorsement, from Trump! This TV interview happened in 2008, before Hillary turned into the literal devil, by running against Trump for president. It was just after Barry Bamz Obama won for president, and Trump was being reflective:


Evan Hurst

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