Such sweet words, Donald!

There's a fun Trump recording going around the Twitter today! No, not those leaked Trump tapes published by the New York Times, 2014 interviews with Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio that reveal that Trump is a thin-skinned loser who's obsessed with his own fame and couldn't handle it when his first wife Ivana was better at skiing than he was. That's all well and good and you should listen to those tapes if you wanna, but it's not breaking news.

We'd instead like you to pull up a chair, pour yourself an adult beverage, and listen to Donald Trump GUSHING over what a fabulous lady Hillary Clinton is, about how Bill Clinton was a great president, and about how Mr. and Mrs. Clinton are just his favorites. It's like an #OctoberSurprise endorsement, from Trump! This TV interview happened in 2008, before Hillary turned into the literal devil, by running against Trump for president. It was just after Barry Bamz Obama won for president, and Trump was being reflective:



Well, I think her history is far from being over. I'd like to answer that question in another 15 years from now. I think she's going to go down, at a minimum, as a great senator. I think she is a great wife to a president, and I think Bill Clinton was a great president. You know, you look at the country then, the economy was doing great. Look at what happened during the Clinton years. I mean, we had no war, the economy was doing great, everybody was happy, a lot of people hated him because they were jealous as hell, you know, people get jealous, they hate you ...

Wow, this Donald Trump guy really gets it. Hillary is a badass, and despite all the #troubles she had in her marriage to Bill, they overcame, and it's just super-cool how well the country did during Bill Clinton's presidency, and anybody who says otherwise -- like Donald Trump c. 2016, for instance -- is just a big jealous LOSER!


People don't like him because they're jealous of him. But Bill Clinton was a great president. I mean, I hope we can be so lucky in terms of the economy, and in terms of other aspects, I mean, we weren't in wars with two nations ... I'm not blaming ... Afghanistan, by the way, is probably a place that we should be. Iraq, we shouldn't be ...

CONFIRMED: Donald Trump was against us being in Iraq in 2008. He was definitely for it before we invaded, though. We can see both of these things ON THE TAPES.

More Hillary love, Donald, keep expressing the feelings that live inside your heart:

Bill Clinton was a great president. Hillary Clinton is a great woman, and a good woman.

IDEA: Maybe we should make her preznit?

The clip then cuts to Trump talking about the 2008 campaign, and also too some more about what an amazing woman that Hillary Clinton is:

I thought that they roughed her up pretty good. I think she's a wonderful woman. I think that she's a little bit misunderstood. You know Hillary's a very smart woman, very tough woman, that's fine, but she's also a very nice person.



Bring it home, dickweasel:

And I know Hillary and I know her husband very well, they're fine people. I thought -- and you know, part of that is a rough political battle -- I thought she was roughed up. I thought she -- and I'm not knocking the other side, you know, you want to win a battle, so if it gets a little bit nasty, it is politics, and politics is a tough game. But I thought she was perhaps unnecessarily roughed up. She took some pretty hard hits.

OK! She got hit way too hard, but also he understands that Obama and Hillary ran a hard-fought contest, so it's not his fault he went hard against her. But Hillary is the bestest and so is her husband, and just boy howdy, if there are finer Americans alive, Donald Trump sure can't think of them!

This is about the nicest we've ever seen Trump talk about ANY LADY that wasn't his own hot daughter, Ivanka! Also, we are waiting for this to be turned into an ad by the Hillary Clinton campaign in 5, 4, 3, 2 ...

We will note ONE thing from those New York Times Trump tapes from 2014 we mentioned above. There's a moment where he's bragging about how many times he's been featured on that Barbara Walters special, "Ten Most Fabulous Ladies Of The Year," or whatever the hell it's called. At the time, he had been featured on the show TWO WHOLE TIMES. (He was also on the list in 2015, which adds up to "three times.") Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, has been on it FOUR TIMES, and in three of those appearances, she was named "Most Fascinating." That's pretty awesome!

Guess we should just listen to 2008 Donald Trump and send this fascinating, kind, strong, smart woman to the White House immediately!

[h/t Josh Jordan on Twitter]

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