Donald Trump Now Waving His Junk At Hot Transgendered Miss Universe Lady (AUDIO!)


Oh, Donald Trump, WHY did you get out of the presidential race? Whyyyyyyy? First your Miss Universe pageant, that you own, was all nuh uh beautiful transgendered Miss Canada contestant, you did not feeeeel like a natural woman (woman). And then they were all, eh, why not, chick is super, SUPER hot! And then Gloria Allred got in it (as she does) and was all HEY WE DIDN'T ASK TRUMP SHOW US HIIIIIS PEE-PEE? And then Donald Trump opened his yap because he cannot not open his yap, andcalled into TMZ Live (?!) and said, "I think Gloria would be very impressed with my cock." (We think it was "cock." TMZ elides it in his transcript as [my penis], and their media player is crap. Anyway, we will assume that Donald Trump is calling into TMZ and talking about his "cock," because it's exactly what we would do if we were Donald Trump.)

Here is TMZ's audio of Trump's call. Maybe it will play for you? OOOH OOOH! WAS IT 'MONSTER SCHLONG'? [TMZ, via Wonkette operative "LimeyLizzie"]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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