Donald Trump Shouts 'F Word' Multiple Times In Las Vegas Speech


"Curse-bombs," the AP calls them. Yep, that is a way to get attention. We have a feeling Donald Trump is going to really focus on winning Nevada, as he can pretty much just hang around Las Vegas for months and do ridiculous things. "This white tiger and I go way back. Come over here, white tiger. Yeah, come over here. Let me tell you about this white tiger. There's no better businessman in this state than this white tiger, and I really mean that. We've made some big deals together. I'm probably going to make this white tiger my running mate. Also, I have a lot of money."

The military's adventures overseas:

"We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can't get a fucking school in Brooklyn."


"We have nobody in Washington that sits back and said, you're not going to raise that fucking price."


"Listen, you motherfuckers, we're going to tax you 25 percent!"

Spoken like a true chief diplomat.

The word "fuck" probably needs to distance itself from Trump now, lest it lose its street cred. That's the swear of the people, Trump! Why don't you guy buy some ornate rich-person cuss?

Anyway, what the fuck was up with that gaudy star thing behind him? Is that what he thinks a presidential backdrop looks like? [ABC News]


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