Donald Trump Sure Likes To Exploit Illegal Immigrants When They're Sexxxy Young Models! (Allegedly)

He wouldn't have posed for that cover with a Mexican rapist, no way.

It's a well-known fact that Donald J. Trump HATES illegal immigrants. He calls them rapists. He wants to deport them all back to Mexico, even if they are not even immigrants, but just regular American citizens with brown skin. When Trump sees an immigrant walking down the street, he grits his teeth so hard he almost chips his molars on the delicious Trump Tower Taco Bowls he keeps in the hamster pouches inside his mouth. AND SO ON.

So it's funny that Mother Jones has a new investigative report out, about how Trump Modeling Management, Trump's modeling agency, has had a real bad habit of flouting American immigration laws, so it could bring foreign girls here to do modeling work, illegally:

Canadian-born Rachel Blais spent nearly three years working for Trump Model Management. After first signing with the agency in March 2004 ... she performed a series of modeling gigs for Trump's company in the United States without a work visa. At Mother Jones' request, Blais provided a detailed financial statement from Trump Model Management and a letter from an immigration lawyer who, in the fall of 2004, eventually secured a visa that would permit her to work legally in the United States. These records show a six-month gap between when she began working in the United States and when she was granted a work visa. [...]

Two other former Trump models—who requested anonymity to speak freely about their experiences, and who we are giving the pseudonyms Anna and Kate—said the agency never obtained work visas on their behalf, even as they performed modeling assignments in the United States.

Weird! The game seemed to be that the girls would come to America on tourist visas, and when U.S. Customs inquired as to why they were visiting America, the Trump organization would instruct them to say they were visiting their dead Nana or something, which is why they needed all these modeling portfolios and fashion clothes, to show their dead Nana.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Hey, remember that time people accused Melania Trump, who worked as a Trump model back in the '90s, of having been an illegal immigrant? She was like "I WAS TOO LEGAL, I HAD A WORK VISA, GO TO HELL!" But maybe Melania was special, one of the only girls to get proper legal treatment, because Trump had picked her to be his new sexxxytime wife or something.

The MoJo piece features a 2008 quote from Corinne Nicolas, president of Trump Modeling Management, published in the New York Daily News, saying U.S. immigration laws were Too Hard for the modeling business, because it's Too Hard to get the models into America. That might be true, but did Trump forget to tell them they could sneak in behind all the Mexican rapists who barge their way across the southern border every day?

Obviously he did, because according to MoJo, most of the foreign girls working for Trump's modeling agency NEVER got the proper visas. Only those who proved themselves would eventually get H-1B visas, which give U.S. companies a way to hire "workers in specialized fields," like modeling and high-tech stuff. FUN FACT: As MoJo points out, Donald Trump has campaigned on getting rid of H-1B visas. Remember that crazy debate where the RNC whined like a little penisbreath about how UNFAIR the questions were? It featured a whole lot of back-and-forth over who hated H-1B visas the most. Trump issued a statement much later saying he hated them THE MOSTEST.

FUN FACT AGAIN: MoJo reports that back in 2007, Sexty McPenisville former Rep. Anthony Weiner TRIED to fix this, but everybody was like "HAHA HE JUST WANTS THAT FOR HIS PENIS" and it didn't work. (And this was before the sexting scandals, can you believe it?)

One girl in the article, the Canadian Rachel Blais, was able to "earn" her H-1B -- and got charged by the company for it! In fact, the agency charged a couple of the models featured in the MoJo piece for so many things -- know that old expression about selling your soul to the company store? There is a song about it! -- they actually netted approximately NO DOLLARS:

Under the contracts [Blais] and other Trump models had signed, the company advanced money for rent and various other expenses (such as trainers, beauty treatments, travel, and administrative costs), deducting these charges from its clients' modeling fees. But these charges—including the pricey rent that Blais and her roommates paid—consumed nearly all her modeling earnings. "I only got one check from Trump Models, and that's when I left them," she said. "I got $8,000 at most after having worked there for three years and having made tens of thousands of dollars." (The check Blais received was for $8,427.35.)

"This is a system where they actually end up making money on the back of these foreign workers," Blais added. She noted that models can end up in debt to their agencies, once rent and numerous other fees are extracted.

HM! So Donald Trump -- he has an 85% stake in the company -- was/is exploiting foreign workers, stealing jobs from Real American Models, and making extra money off of them, by charging them for regular expenses like rent, at places controlled by ... you guessed it!

Did we mention the models lived in absolute squalor? Here's a taste, but you have to read MoJo for the rest:

Living in the apartment during a sweltering New York summer, Kate picked a top bunk near a street-level window in the hopes of getting a little fresh air. She awoke one morning to something splashing her face. "Oh, maybe it's raining today," she recalled thinking. But when she peered out the window, "I saw the one-eyed monster pissing on me," she said. "There was a bum pissing on my window, splashing me in my Trump Model bed."

"Such a glamorous industry," she said.

Haha, we told you we were going to give you a taste, but didn't say it was a taste OF PEE.

According to MoJo, these practices -- the illegal labor, the living in squalor, the charging models so much that they make NEGATIVE DOLLARS for their work -- are extremely common in the modeling world. So our point really is not to say, "Whoa look, Donald Trump did this thing that everybody else was doing also too, just in a more sleazy way, because he is Donald Trump and he is sleazy." It's more to say that it's funny (both in the "haha" and the "huh well!" kinds of ways) that Trump is now Mr. I Will Deport All The Illegals! when he's been just fine to have and exploit illegal immigrants, when it benefits him.

But maybe these illegal immigrants are fine and dandy to exploit -- the models weren't shy about throwing around terms like "modern-day slavery" though we're not sure if they mentioned "trafficking," which works too -- because they're hot 'n' sexy, unlike illegal MESSICANS. Except wait, Trump's construction projects and golf clubs have been COVERED with undocumented immigrants, because Trump is a shitty businessman who values cheap labor above all else.

So we guess we're saying Trump is a dirty fucking hypocrite and a bad man, which is how all Wonket posts about Trump end, we think.

Oh, and he has tiny hands.

[Mother Jones]

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