Donald Trump To Build Garish Condos On Iranian Riviera

Donald Trump To Build Garish Condos On Iranian Riviera

Oh, man, this is what happens when Donald Trump reads the liberal media! It just reaffirms all of his most terrifying fever-dreams. For instance, the New York Times reports that Barack Obama is implementing a policy of containment and saber-rattling against Iran, which is pretty much the same policy that George W. Bush engaged in (once he stopped listening to Cheney's pleas for more carnage) and will almost certainly be the policy that President Romney would engage in (despite the fact that he has to promise to all the crazies while he's running that he'll kill as many Iranians as possible). But noted foreign policy expert Donald Trump knows that Obama's motivations are different from Bush and Romney's. They are focused entirely on winning the 2012 election, which is why we must start hugging the Iranian leadership in an act of peace and love and understanding right now, to prevent Obama from being re-elected in November.

Here is Donald Trump's important interview with Greta van Susteren's immobile, unblinking face:


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