Donald Trump Wants Mean Girls Clinton And Obama To Leave That Nice Putin Alone

Needs more eye shadow, I know.

Donald Trump has just about had it with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and, gosh, just about everyone, really, treating his bud Vladimir Putin so mean, and on Monday whined that Clinton was just being a mean old meaniepantsuit to the Russian oligarch. Trump came to the poor autocrat's defense in an interview on Michael Savage's radio show, explaining that it's all just so (*snifF!*) UNFAIR how Clinton and Obama keep writing Mean Girls things about Vlad in their Burn Book:

“They insult him constantly -- I mean, no wonder he can’t stand Obama and Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Trump said, calling the tensions a “very serious problem.”

“It is the worst situation that we’ve had with Russia since the end of the Cold War, by far,” he said.

Mr. Trump added that “she shouldn’t be talking so tough” about Russia, and he suggested, as he has repeatedly in recent months, that Russia could be an ally in fighting the Islamic State.

Because god knows, we really should be more on board with the Syrians and the Russians bombing hospitals. It's not like our hands are completely clean in that area anyway, so why not actively target them like Trump's beleaguered buddy Vlad?

“We have Putin, who has no respect for Obama at all -- doesn’t like him, and doesn’t respect him,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Savage, calling the difficulties “a really catastrophic situation here, I’ll be honest with you.”

He added, “If I win on Nov. 8, I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russia prior to the start of the administration.”

Well of course Trump would do that. After all, so far he's only got Chris Christie running his transition team, and there are probably some important cabinet positions Mr. Putin might have recommendations for. Also, Russia represents a whole country full of potential business partners Trump hasn't had a chance to rip off yet. If nothing else, it's important to ensure the United States maintains a steady flow of Slavic models, since by the time Trump "takes office," Melania's going to be pushing 47.

For the sake of maintaining the illusion that we're having a normal election year, the New York Times pretended to act as if Trump might have any serious policies on relations with Russia other than the hope of licensing his name on stuff in the Cyrillic alphabet. They note that Trump says he has no business interests in Russia, but also hasn't released tax returns which would prove that one way or the other. Also, they don't pay any attention to Donny Trump Jr. bragging about the Trumps' business interests in Moscow -- “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” Trump’s son, Donald Jr., he said in 2008. "We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia” -- probably because that boy is nothing but lies.

Further, Trump has

refused to acknowledge that the United States intelligence officials have attributed the hacking of the Democratic National Committee to Russian hackers who they said must have had the approval of the Kremlin’s top leaders.

But beyond the potential meeting with Mr. Putin, Mr. Trump did not offer a strategy for dealing with Moscow.

Shame on the crooked New York Times! They're acting as if longing looks, salivating, panting, and desperate leg-humping don't constitute a policy.

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