Donald Trump's Suit Against Ex-Staffer Looking Even Smarter, If That Were Possible

Your polling data, M'sieur Trump

More details today from that really smart lawsuit by the Trump campaign against former Trump staffer Sam Nunberg for violating a nondisclosure agreement. As you may recall, the Trump campaign is seeking $10 million from Nunberg for allegedly being the source of a New York Post story in May about a public screaming match between two top Trump staffers, Hope Hicks and then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who were maybe having them a sex affair. (And can we do more to get #Hopeandowski trending, please?) In a court filing, Nunberg denies being the source of the story, and further points out that he couldn't be bound by an NDA since he was fired last summer, and the public shouty match was months later, so there. All this legal wrangling is, of course, sucking up media attention that should properly be given to sucking up to the Trump campaign's vice presidential choice, and so of course we are once again impressed by the Trump campaign's smarts.

In a follow-up story on the big sexxytimes sideshow, the Huffington Post found some additional fun stuff in Nunberg's court filing: in addition to the sex stuff, Nunberg

said Trump may have illegally funneled corporate money into the campaign, and created a fictitious company that was listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Oh, gosh, you mean the Trump Organization may have been involved in questionable corporate/campaign practices? Color us shocked, shocked! Tell us more, HuffPo:

Nunberg says in his answer to the lawsuit that the Trump campaign illegally created a fictitious company, called Trump 2012 PCA. The company is listed as a plaintiff in the suit against Nunberg, along with Trump’s formal campaign.

Nunberg also claims the campaign “may very well” have violated campaign finance laws by using Trump company resources for Trump’s political campaign.

You don't say! It's not quite as sexxy (or perhaps as libido-killing) as the co-mingling of Hopeandowski, but it's quite possibly more scandalous, since two Trumpskis doing extramarital sexxytimes isn't an alleged violation of federal campaign law.

HuffPo also talked to an unidentified "source close to the campaign," who would only speak anonymously and may or may not have their own NDA issues as a result; that source said the campaign is a little freaked at how the lawsuit news has upstaged the Veepstakes:

“This is happening on the worst possible day for him,” said the adviser, who added that Trump disregarded advice not to file the lawsuit in the first place.

At the time the lawsuit was filed in May, Trump was relying on Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager who was subsequently fired. Lewandowski advocated the suit as a way to make sure his relationship with Hicks -- which Nunberg’s filing calls a “sordid and apparently illicit affair” -- didn’t become public, the adviser said.

“Corey egged him on this suit,” the adviser said, adding that once it was filed, Trump was not interested in dropping it. “Trump never backs down.”

What's that thing they say about cover-ups? Something bad, we're pretty sure. We're also having no end of fun imagining the Trump camp going nuts trying to figure out who talked to HuffPo. Whoever it was, they're no doubt enjoying some schadenfreude at having poured a little extra honey and/or gasoline on the Trump campaign's burning anthill full of angry bees hopped up on meth.

“Nunberg will go for Trump’s throat. This is going to be all-out war,” the adviser predicted. “This is going to be ugly.”

Well of course it will. And we're stocking up on popcorn. And bee repellent.


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