Don't Accuse Louie Gohmert Of Callin' Obama A Terrorist, 'Twas An Innocent Question

Don't Accuse Louie Gohmert Of Callin' Obama A Terrorist, 'Twas An Innocent Question

This one seems a little out there, even for the mighty mental power that is Texas congresstoad Louie Gohmert: In a floor speech in the House of Representatives, Gohmert wanted to ask -- just ask, mind you -- whether the president is not merely soft on terrorism, but an actual terrorist himself? After all, Gohmert has already established that, in the Middle East, Obama is always on the side of our enemies, whoever they are.

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Speaking against a possible UN resolution on Palestinian statehood, Gohmert read a whole long list of anti-Semitic quotes from Islamic extremists he framed as typical members of the Palestinian leadership. "So those are the people that the President of the United states says are being extremely reasonable," he claimed. And if that's the case, as Gohmert just proved it is by saying so, considering that Obama is besties with these people, isn't it fair to consider him guilty by association?

When people make clear that they are going to commit murder or genocide, how long do you have to wait before it is okay to stop them? Well, the President has made clear it may be time to move out of the way so that these Palestinians that want to obliterate Israel can have their will.

The possibility that any Palestinians don't want to annihilate Israel is obviously not on the table, of course, so Gohmert thought back to his experience as a good ol' country judge in Texas to make a perfectly apt analogy:

"Back in my days as a felony judge, when you have somebody who's driving a car and people say, "Hey, we just need a ride to this location. Once we get there, we are going to murder some people, but we don’t need anything from you. We just need a ride." The person that drove that car, knowing that those people made those comments about wanting to kill people when they get to that location, they're also guilty of murder.

Gohmert often thinks back to his time as a judge, like that time he says he had a defendant gagged with duct tape, for the sake of keeping order in the court.

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Not that he's saying that Barack Obama is a terrorist, or that he wants genocide; he's just raising the possibility that Barack Obama wants to give some nuclear-armed Palestinians a ride in his Diplomacy Car to the heart of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and let them out with a kiss and a wave:

So I'm not accusing anybody, I am raising questions. So if the United States says, "Here, Palestinian terrorist groups, we want to provide you the vehicle to have a powerful place right in the middle, a huge section of Israel. We want to give you that place, and you have made clear, we know you have made clear, once you are there, you are going to wipe out Israel," does that make the United States leaders that facilitate that, does that make them accessories? I am just asking -- Mr. Speaker, you can advise the Parliamentarian, I'm not accusing anybody. I am just asking the question."

Gohmert is an awfully big fan of asking questions about Obama, like in 2013, when he wondered if maybe a secret Obamacare Army was preparing to kill everyone with medical care. Again, he was just asking.

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Gohmert was so proud of his performance that he posted it to YouTube; the commonsense legal analysis about how Barack Obama is maybe -- just asking -- planning to be an accessory to genocide starts around the 11:30 mark.

If we were in the mood to look up all of the extremists that Gohmert quotes, we're fairly certain that not a one of them is on a list of Barack Obama's preferred negotiators for peace talks, but it's Friday [Edit: or it was when we wroted this] and we're already just the slightest bit skeptical of the notion that the president is keen on wiping Israel off the map. But we do have to ask -- and we're only asking here, not accusing -- whether Louie Gohmert knows he's an idiot and an extremist, or if he's merely so stupid that he believes he's proven Barack Obama is a terrorist? Again, we're just putting the possibilities out there.


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