Don't Pee On Electric Fence, Says Texas Politics Guy


Remember all those wacky 2010 political ads from the idiots who are now all in Congress or running every state? (Except forCarly Fiorina?) Some jackass would squat on the ground and bang his head with a frying pan while eating Cheetoz through his nose, or what have you -- this was every entry level political ad in the past election cycle. Now we've got the "new wave" of sillypantses, like this guy, Roland Sledge. (You'll never guess what type of -hammer graphic he uses metaphorically.) "Isn't it about time we elected political leaders," Sledge, a candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, says, "that have sense enough not to pee on electric fences?" Then some guy fries his brains out, ah ha ha. Great clip, fucker.



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