Hands Off Sarah Palin's Soiled Panties

Hands Off Sarah Palin's Soiled Panties

Here's how Lamestream Media magazineVanity Fairdescribes the life of professional fraud and money-grubbing fame-beast Sarah Palin: "a sad and moldering strangeness lies beneath." Gross! Also gross is Palin's obsession with her "dirty undergarments," which she presumably sells on Team SarahPAC to keep those checks from creepy old wingnut millionaires arriving in Wasilla. Let's skip all the psychoanalysis -- we sort of already knew she was a congenitally dishonest & delusional narcissistic paranoid creep -- and get right to the part about her fouled underwear.

The greatest story of the 2008 campaign is how folksy slob Sarah Palin transformed overnight into the Mad Diva of the Presidential Suite, obsessed with designer labels and an endless supply of fancy new clothes paid for by old Republican donors. But once the Lamestream Media caught on, Palin tried to simultaneously feign ignorance of her own grifter clothes-horse obsession while desparately clinging to whatever soiled garments she could keep from being returned to Neiman Marcus:

... Palin was trying to figure out a way to hang on to some of the items: “Do they want the nylons and other things that are pretty worn, returned?” (And she asked a campaign aide, “Do they really want my dirty undergarments?” Indeed, Palin had something of a fixation on the handling of her undergarments, and insisted, when hotel maids did her laundry, that only campaign aides be allowed to touch those particular articles.) Attempting to wrest some control over the situation, she added, “I want say in the charities these will go to.”

[Vanity Fair]


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