Don't Worry, Congress Will Still Get Paid During Gov't Shutdown

Don't Worry, Congress Will Still Get Paid During Gov't Shutdown

Just in case you were super concerned about how Michele Bachmann and John Boehner and Louie Gohmert and Joe Barton and the rest of America's corrupt lunatic wingnut legislators would survive the Government Shutdown, don't worry! They can still get paid, and they probably will -- unpaid furloughs are for the commoners, hahahahahahaha. "Lawmakers would continue to get paid during a shutdown, unless the full Congress voted otherwise. Both the House and Senate have voted to suspend their own pay during a shutdown, but as part of legislation that has not passed the other chamber," reports the communist newsletter theWall Street Journal.

But this might "look bad," so the millionaires who perform in Congress will either pass some law to skip their salaries or maybe they'll just give the money to "charity" or whatever, hahaha.

On Thursday, some lawmakers said they didn't believe they should keep their salaries during a shutdown. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, urged his colleagues to return such pay to the Treasury or give it to charity. "I can't imagine that the president, vice president or any member of Congress—Republican or Democrat—thinks they should get paid when the government has shut down," Mr. Manchin said.

Poor U.S. representatives! They might have to live off the interest in their PAC petty cash accounts for a couple of weeks. But their top staffers will stay on salary, so somebody's around to sign for the boxes of money from the Koch Brothers. [WSJ]


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