Doomsday Cult Stepdad Says Lori Vallow's Kids Are 'Safe,' Fails To Mention Where That Might Be

Doomsday Cult Stepdad Says Lori Vallow's Kids Are 'Safe,' Fails To Mention Where That Might Be

When last we left Doomsday Cult Mom Lori Vallow, she was being arrested for "two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children." Children who, by the way, have been missing since September.

And this story, involving mysteriously disappearing children, a mother who is convinced she is a reincarnated god, a Mormon offshoot doomsday cult preparing for the end of the world, two dead spouses, one possible attack on another person (Vallow's niece's husband), and matchmaking ghosts has not gotten less weird.

The latest news in the case is that Vallow's new husband, doomsday cult leader/novelist Chad Daybell has told the press that Vallow's children are safe. He has not, however, said where they are or even how he knows this. As you may recall, Chad Daybell believes that, as a side-effect of a near-death experience, he is able to "pierce the veil" and communicate with the dead. So it is entirely possible that he has obtained this "intel" on the children not from first-hand knowledge of their whereabouts, but from Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Via The New York Post:

Chad Daybell, 51, was filmed by ABC News as he left Hawaii after his 46-year-old wife agreed to be extradited to Idaho to face trial on two felony counts of child abandonment.

Vallow's children — Joshua "JJ" Vallow, 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17 — have been missing since September, and police in Rexburg, Idaho, have said they fear their lives are in danger. She was arrested in Hawaii last month after failing to meet a deadline to hand them over to authorities.

"The kids are safe," stepdad Daybell insisted to ABC.

However, Daybell failed to offer any evidence or clues to their whereabouts, leaving other worried relatives still relying on faith.

It does not sound convincing! Then again, if there is anything that doomsday cults tend to like, it is underground bunkers, likely filled with Alex Jones Food Buckets. These people think the apocalypse is about to start this July, so it's a possibility.

That is, of course, not the only recent development. Police have discovered several emails between Vallow and Daybell, in addition to an email they say is from Lori Vallow pretending to be her now-late estranged husband to Chad Daybell, offering to fly him up to Idaho to give him writing tips and also be his ghostwriter.

The emails between Vallow and Daybell revealed that the couple sees themselves as having "seven missions to accomplish together."

1. Translate ancient records
2. Write the book about the translation process
3. Identify locations in northeast Arizona for white camps
4. Presidency of the Church of Firstborn
5. Help establish the food distributions as the tribulations start and the delegate [???]
6. Ordain individuals to translation as the camps begin
7. Provide supplies to righteous members of families.

Anyone have any idea about what a "white camp" is, aside from what I am assuming? (I am assuming it's something racist.)

The email from Lori Vallow Allegedly Pretending To Be Charles Vallow to Chad Daybell read in part, "I would gladly fly you down here early next week … you could stay in our guest room like before. I hate to take you away from your family, but I would definitely make it worth your time." Fake Charles Vallow also asked Chad Daybell to come and go through his personal journals to help him tell his story.

Actual Charles Vallow found out about this before he died, and asked Adam Cox, Lori's brother who later killed him, about it in another email — mentioning sending it to Daybell's wife Tammy (who you will recall died two weeks before Vallow and Daybell got married).

Via East Idaho News:

Charles Vallow expressed concern about that message to Adam Cox, saying, "I'm not sure of the relationship with her and Chad Daybell but they are up to something … She will not explain it … I am going to send it to Chad Daybell's wife. Her name is Tammy and I found her email address on their website too … I've got her cell number too."

Huh! Not looking good for the "Nobody murdered nobody" case here. AND YET, 10 days ago, someone started a Release Lori Vallow Facebook page, which now has about 2K followers. Creepy! Whoever is running the page is um, extremely intense.

The pinned post on the page reads:

UPDATE REGARDING THE TROLLS WHO HAVEN'T BEEN BANNED YET: SCORES OF NASTY TROLL POSTS ARE BEING AUTO-HIDDEN BECAUSE I TURNED ON THE WORD FILTER. LOL. People who can't make a civil point are being auto hidden. Too funny. I started seeing piles of posts hidden and thought, wait a minute I didn't hide that. Then I look at the troll post and see a bunch of super nasty behavior. You want your post seen, BE CIVIL!

Day 2 of illegal incarceration of Lori Vallow.

She is a prisoner of lawlessness to satisfy the absolute stupidest mob.

Fascist Idaho "authorities" have essentially admitted that there is no evidence backing up the illegal arrest of Lori or the illegal charges. They admit they know nothing about the children so that's an admission that they have no evidence of "desertion" of the children. This is actually really simple and I hope Chad and Lori sue the fascist state of Idaho.

It's interesting how the spammers' main tactic is to essentially say that Lori has to prove her innocence. Hmmm, how did the U.S. public get so delusional and backwards in their thinking?
A few things the spammers/trolls can't/won't grasp:
1. Lori does not have to prove her innocence. PERIOD. Even if there was a shred of evidence to back up this arrest.
2. Where she sent the kids to live is none of your damn business. Got it?

Missing kids actually are everyone's business! If she doesn't want to get in trouble for having missing kids, just show the kids to the police! Shouldn't be that hard!

[New York Post]

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