Dr. Fauci Just Kindly, Gently Saying Time For Trump To GTFO

Dr. Anthony Fauci is America's gentle medical genius grandpa who says get the fuck off my lawn and wear a fucking mask, but he says it sweetly. That said, it's hard to miss what he's really saying when he says a thing.

Fauci went on the "Today" program this morning and answered a question from Savannah Guthrie about whether it was bad that the Trump administration hasn't allowed the transition period to officially begin, which is the thing that is supposed to happen after the incumbent president gets his nuts handed to him by the challenger.

Dr. Anthony Fauci: 'Now We Have 2 Vaccines That Are Quite Effective' | TODAYwww.youtube.com

"Obviously, it's something that we're concerned about," he said. "I mean, as you know, I've served in six administrations, so I've seen a number of transitions and I know that transitions are very important. Hopefully, we'll see that soon."

To be very clear, the entire discussion that was taking place was about the new promising coronavirus vaccine news we've had this morning and last week. Moderna is saying its trials are showing that, so far, its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5 percent effective. Pfizer says its thing is 90 percent effective so far. We hope they are right! But anyway, the entire point of Guthrie's question was whether Trump planting his Twitter thumbs firmly up his ass, only pulling them out every five seconds to tweet some more crazy-ass bullshit, while refusing to concede that he is a gigantic loser, is putting people in danger. Also whether it would hurt the timeline for vaccine distribution, assuming one or both of these companies' claims pan out. How concerned is Fauci about that? He is very concerned, and very gently is just saying he'd like Trump to GTFO. Fauci said transitions are supposed to be about "passing a baton without stopping running," and that is extremely important when you're trying to get vaccines to people in the middle of an insane pandemic.

"The virus is not going to stop and call a time-out while things change," said Fauci, who would pretty clearly like Trump to GTFO.

Fauci seems genuinely optimistic about these two vaccines, by the way, and since he is a scientist, one of the best pandemic experts in the world, we will listen to him.

In the same interview, Fauci also kindly and gently and in the politest way possible said Trump's favorite TV doctor idiot Scott Atlas needs to fuck off and eat a bag of dicks with his calls to "rise up" against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who literally just had a kidnapping plot against her foiled, in response to the coronavirus safety orders she's had to issue because the pandemic is growing vertically right now. He was clear he's not saying anything about Atlas "as a person," because Fauci is a very nice man, but that Atlas is wrong about all of it. To be as fair and balanced as possible, Wonkette should note that "fuck off and eat a bag of dicks" is our words, and that Dr. Fauci (probably) would never say anything like that.

If he wants to, though, Wonkette will gladly accept a guest post from Dr. Fauci.

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