DRUDGE SIRENS! Black People Beat Up Nice Trump Supporter's Car In Obviously Fake Video!

Monday, a YouTube vlogger who goes by the name "Joey Salads" (real name Joey Saladino), debuted what he claimed was damning proof that black people are super mean to Trump supporters and also their cars. That video was fake! Like, super-duper obviously fake. No one who has ever interacted with another human being would look at said video and think, "Yes, this seems realistic to me, and not at all like these are some very bad actors doing a weird fake video for some idiot's YouTube channel."


Of course, people who desperately want to believe something is true are easily fooled. Such was the case with The Drudge Report, which eagerly posted the video right smack on its front page. You know, as proof black people are mean, violent characters who cruelly victimize the cars of nice white people who just want to express their deep and abiding love of Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for them, the video was swiftly debunked by a Joey Torres, a 17-year-old familiar with Mr. Salad's antics, who shot a video of it being filmed.


Yes. The whole thing was staged. Who could have believed that, except anyone who actually watched the video?

Mr. Salads tried to apologize for the fakery -- while noting that the ORIGINAL purpose of the video was to show that black people in a black neighborhood wouldn't care if someone was mean to a Trump car, and that this thesis was proven by the original video that was not faked.

But of course they didn't "care" -- they probably thought it was some kind of dumb student film. There was a guy there filming it with a camera on a tripod! It's not actually a "hidden camera" thing if people can see the damn camera.

Mr. Salads has a history of doing dumbass "prank" videos with a conservative agenda, like this absurd one in which he tries to prove that cis women totally are not cool with sharing a bathroom with trans women.

Boy, does that ever seem realistic! What totally non-stilted dialogue!

Naturally, Mr. Salads claims he he's learned his lesson and will be totally super honest from here on out, and that all of his "prank" videos will be totally FOR REAL, like the one he is planning to do for Election Day. Which he really hopes we'll all watch! Stay tuned!

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Robyn Pennacchia

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