Drunk Arkansas Cop Had Very Good Reason For Holding Gun To 5-Year-Old's Head, Probably

Former Fort Smith (Arkansas) Police Department officer Naaman Adcock seems to have a bit of an anger management problem, we think. On Tuesday, he and his wife, Tabatha, were arrested at their Sequoyah County home after a drunken altercation in which both Adcocks fired shots inside the single-wide and Mr. Adcock reportedly held a gun to his 5-year-old stepson's head. The Adcocks were arrested after another child ran from the home and notified a neighbor. And because you can never be too sure who's trying to pull a home invasion, he also pointed a handgun at a Sequoyah County Sheriff’s deputy who came to investigate the incident.

For this little incident, he was placed on paid administrative leave, because due process we guess, although Adcock resigned from the Fort Smith Police Department on Wednesday. Oh, and deputies seized nine guns from the home, leaving the five-year-old with no credible deterrent against other intruders.

Mrs. Adcock was actually arrested a short distance from the home, driving away with the two children in an SUV; when stopped by deputies, she explained that everything was actually just fine, and that she and Mr. Adcock had merely been shooting tires in the yard. We would really love a photo of her nervous smile while she told that one.

From here, we doubt we can improve on the report from KFSM Teevee:

Deputies continued to Adcock’s residence, and when they knocked on the door, Naaman Adcock answered with a gun drawn and pointed it at a deputy. The deputy drew a gun and pointed it at Adcock, ordering him to drop his weapon, the report states.

The report states Adcock asked, “What? Oh really, are you going to shoot me?”

He later gave his gun to the deputies and spoke with them on the porch. He said he and his wife got into an argument, and she left, so he began shooting holes in the walls of his trailer. He said no one was home at the time he started shooting. He did admit to heavy drinking, according to the report.

Deputies entered the home and noticed several bullet holes in the wall. After further questioning of Tabatha Adcock, they found her story changing often, and when the deputies said Naaman Adcock held a gun to the head of Tabatha Adcock’s 5-year-old son, she said, “Yeah, but it wasn’t loaded!” according to the report.

She said that she didn’t want Adcock to lose his job. The children, being interviewed by another deputy, said that Adcock had thrown the 5-year-old son out of the front door before grabbing him by the shirt and pointing a gun to his head, the report states.

Ms. Adcock was charged with "failure to protect a child, child endangerment, possession of a firearm while intoxicated and reckless conduct with a firearm," and if the KFSM report is accurate, released with her kids to stay with her step-father.

Doktor Zoom

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