Almost as big a crowd as King's

Two different bunches of far-right morons had competing rallies in Washington DC to protest how white people and wingnuts have it so rough these days, and maybe a hundred people showed up. In total, at both, combined, by Newsweek's estimate. (The Daily Beast more generously estimated "a couple hundred" at one of them.) As sometimes happens with these things, the participants were almost outnumbered by the press, gawkers, and counter-protesters.

Why two rallies? Well, you got your "Freedom of Speech Rally" at the Lincoln Memorial, where your open white-supremacist morons showed up, like Nazi punching/barf bag Richard Spencer, and Twitter celebrity (as if that were a thing) Tim Gionet, who tweets as "Baked Alaska," plus a bunch of assorted creeps who warned of Jewish control of the media and how diversity is another word for anti-white. Because we love you, we won't post any video of that, no thanks.

The other rally, in Lafayette Park, near the White House, was organized by Pizzagate True Believer Jack Posobiec, who was very, very offended that the openly racist "alt-right" loons were making decent, upstanding "alt-right" loons like him look bad. The supposed purpose of the Lafayette Park rally was to decry all the violence from the Left, like how the actors in Julius Caesar shot Steve Scalise. Some guy wearing a "CNN Terrorist" tee shirt with a photo of Kathy Griffin and her bloody foam Trump head, told the crowd at that rally, "It’s time to put George Soros in the gas chamber." But the Washington Post carefully notes that guy actually wasn't an official speaker, and Posobiec later "rejected and disavowed the comment." Also at that rally was failed Virginia Republican candidate for governor Corey Stewart, who ran on a platform of protecting Confederate flags and monuments, which is clearly a high priority for any governor. He was very unhappy about "the politically correct madness that is destroying our history here in this country."

Posobiec thought his rally, which also featured one-man conspiracy-theory factory Mike Cernovich and a reporter from the Gateway Pundit, was a huge success:

“It was a great event! I got a crowd of Trump supporters to sing ‘Give Peace a Chance’ by John Lennon and that’s a testament to our commitment to peace and our stand against violence and violent rhetoric,” Posobiec said in a private message to The Daily Beast.

Unfortunately, the guy who was supposed to be the biggest draw for Posobiec's event, Roger Stone, couldn't make it, though he did at least show up as a dismbodied voice on a speaker phone to tell the crowd he had to stay away because he feared for his life, from all the violent leftists who keep killing him over and over. He then spent a good long time on his new media home, Alex Jones' Video Concern, talking about how his life is constantly in danger. Guess all that Alex Jones Trucker Speed isn't enough to do the job anymore.

The split between the hardcore racists and the schmucks who prefer weirdass conspiracy theories with no Hitler salutes is an outgrowth of their fuck-tussle shortly before Trump's inauguration, when Cernovich wouldn't let Tim Gionet ("Baked Alaska") attend the "DeploraBall" because of all that Nazi stuff. So Gionet and the other overt white supremacists at the Lincoln Memorial gathering were really glad the fakers and cucks went off and had their own rally. Spencer derided the competing event as the "Alt Lite," called the organizers "these fairly repulsive and creepy" rightwing media guys, and complained those other guys were dumb:

“I think a lot of those people are really against intelligent people,” Spencer said of the other rally to The Daily Beast. “If you’re a total goofball or someone who has no connection with the facts and reality, it’s like ‘ok you’re fucking based.’ They’re all just bad human beings. So many of them are just physically ugly people.”

He claimed that the divergent events on Sunday were actually helpful for the alt-right because it helped determine who to essentially weed out from the movement.

Let's have a crowd reaction shot by Reason editor and Daily Beast columnist Robby Soave:

Soave also overheard some choice dialogue at the Gathering of the Deploralos, such as a sad, overworked troll who complained, "I'm working so many hours now I don't even have time to shit post," and also

White nationalist speaker #1: "We need free speech."

#2: "Disrupting a play is the most civil thing we could do to these people."

In conclusion, there appear to be serious tensions in the "alt-white" community and among the extreme right in general. Needless to say, both Spencer and Posobiec insist they lead the real right wing of the future, and will soon have mass rallies that fill the entire DC Mall. You bet!

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