Duggars Edge Out Bristol Palin In 'Biggest A Idiot' Contest Once More. Your Weekly Top Ten

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HALLOOOOO, WONKERS! It's Sunday afternoon, and that means we are very excited to write the top ten posts of the week at you. Will you be so kind as to click on every single one of them and share them with the entire internet? THANK YOU!

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Okay, here are the top ten stories of the week, chosen as usual by science. Share them with all your internet pals!

1. For the second time in two weeks, the top spot goes to those dumbstupid Duggars, the Jill and Derick ones, who are maybe possibly doing missionary work in El Salvador, except now, due to sustained outcry from their fans, they're offering refunds to anybody who donated to their "missionary work." This one BARELY squeaked into the top spot, partially because Google decided to use that story as one of the top results when you search "Duggars," which is great because that means their actual fans read yr Wonkette asking if maybe Jill Duggar had sex with Satan in the Amazon rainforest. IMPORTANT JOURNALISM QUESTIONS!

2. After comments from Ben Carson and Fox News "doctor" Keith Ablow about how the Jews should've just fought back against the Nazis with guns and stuff, Kaili got MAD and wrote one of the finest pieces that's appeared on yr Wonkette this year: Why Did Anne Frank Hide Like A Coward Instead Of Killing Nazis Dead Like A Real Man? 

3. Bristol Palin shocked to learn she is A Idiot. Because stupid people are always the last to know.

4. Did you watch the Democratic debate? It was surprisingly good, at least the Hillary and Bernie parts! If you haven't read Wonkette's beautiful liveblog of the evening, you haven't REALLY watched it, so go do that.

5. We got accused of "slut-shaming" Bristol Palin. UM NO, Bristol Palin, you ignorant slut, once again you have missed the point ENTIRELY.

6. Fox News CIA expert not actually a CIA guy, also not an expert. Shocking, a fraud on Fox News!

7. During the Democratic debate, Mike Huckabee thought it would be a GREAT idea to tweet a joke about Asians eating dogs, LOLOL! Except remember that time Huckabee's son killed a dog? Wonkette will never forget.

8. Carly Fiorina failed at Hewlett-Packard in a whole 'nother way you ain't heard about yet. Go read to find out about it!

9. Texas will have to pry the dildos out of these kids' cold, dead wherevers. It's an anti-gun protest! With dildos!

10. And finally, there's no Deleted Comments today, but that's okay, stop fretting! You can just read last week's, about how Wonkette SHOULD be fighting the devil instead of making fun of those poor Duggars. It's your number ten story!

So there you go, Wonkers. Those are your winning stories. They are the best stories ever written, at least this week!

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