Dumb Duggars, Bristol Palin And Gross Kevin McCarthy. Your Weekly Top Ten!

Jesus needs to fix everybody in this week's Top Ten.

Oh hi, Wonkers! It's Sunday afternoon, which means we're going to yammer at you for a minute before we go eat bloody marys for brunch. We hope you are having a nice weekend and your favorite sportsball team is playing in a sportsmanlike way. So, the week's top stories! They were a lovely assortment of gross people saying and doing gross things, in a very gross and bad way. Basically, a typical week at the Wonkette.

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Okay, here are the top ten stories of the week, chosen as usual by science. Share them with all your internet pals!

1. UH OH, it looks like those dumb Duggar kids, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband "Arranged Husband" might be doing their missionary work without a license. And despite what some lady in this week's Deleted Comments said about "Jesus gives salvation freely," that is NOT true, and it DOES mean all the Duggars' soul-stealing is being conducted improperly.

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2. Oh surprise, it turns out we weren't kidding about Kevin McCarthy maybe having a great big sex scandal dancing around in his closet.

3. Oh sad! Josh Duggar's penis has been banned from the TLC network! Guess we'll never get a reality show where they put a GoPro on his dick and we get to see what adventures it goes on each week. Also, MAYBE his wife Anna is going to divorce him? Cross your fingers!

4. Bristol Palin is just OUTRAGED at the idea that teenage girls might not end up preggers in high school, like she did.

5. Kirk Cameron's gay-hatin' sister, "D.J. Tanner," hopes you feel REAL bad about having HIV.

6. Awful human being Bobby Jindal demands Oregon shooter's dad apologize for not loving guns enough.

7. Here's a tragic story: An 11-year-old shot and killed an 8-year-old because she wouldn't show him her puppy. But let's not talk about how guns are a problem or anything. Thanks Second Amendment!

8. Those Good Christian Fame Whores, Sam and Nia Rader, are just too sad and stressed out to be Good Christian Fame Whores right now.

9. Did you miss the apocalypse? It was Wednesday! Read all about it.

10. And finally, after Kevin McCarthy announced he was prematurely pulling out of the race for speaker, House Republicans had a really shitty day and they cried a lot. Let's point and laugh at them some more!

So there you go, Wonkers. Those are your winning stories. They are the best stories ever written, at least this week!

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Okay, we're going to brunch and then to watch the Dallas Cowboys lose to the New England Patriots. Doesn't matter which side you're on (we're not telling), that's what's going to happen this afternoon, probably.



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