Dumb Fox Chick Not Scared Of Old Grandma Muslims, Just The Kids

Are you ready for more HYSTERIA OMG SYRIAN MUSLIM REFUGEE PANIC?! Cool, because Fox News lady windsock Andrea Tantaros went to work Wednesday. It's time for another episode of "Outnumbered," where spunky Republican jaw-flappers flap their jaws about stuff and things what are hard and confusing, and all agree to disagree that they are Pretty Sure?

Now, dumb Andrea Tantaros, who Googles "Andrea Tantaros Bikini" every day during her lunch break (according to OUR analytics anyway), will be our Main Course of Derp, but first we have an amuse bouche, because Meghan McCain was a guest host! Oh hooray, for we never get to see her anymore when we're not having fever nightmares about the 2008 election! Hey Meghan, how's it hangin'?


Say a stupid about Syrian refugees, Meghan:

I never thought I would live in a world where France was more aggressive on terrorism? Than the United States Of America? But that's apparently the world we're living in? This president isn't keeping America safe. And I don't understand right now how we are now being vilified? As Republicans? And this whole this is being politicized? And now if you're scared of terrorism and you don't think ... we should be letting in Syrian refugees, because you actually think it could be dangerous and you're worried about the security of the United States, we're in a place culturally where we're more worried about being politically correct than keeping America safe? WHAT IS THAT?

All right, Meghan, Obama's not keeping us safe, as evidenced by the all the terrorist attacks in America that haven't happened. Anyway, we get it, they asked you to talk about a thing, you said "brown kids," and now you're back to organizing your Kaboodle on Twitter or whatever, SEE YOU AGAIN IN A FEW YEARS.

Now, Andrea Tantaros. Sweet-of-spirit-but-dumb-of-brain Andrea Tantaros. What do YOU have to say, about how the Grandma and the Grandpa Muslims are like super okay? Is it that they're like, really nice? Did you have an old Middle Eastern neighbor one time like yr Wonkette did, and she brought you homemade baklava ALL THE TIME, and she didn't do terrorism to you even one time?

Tell us about Mee-Maw Muslim, Andrea:

[T]he French finally are doing away with political correctness and taking action. ... In the 1960s, France invited the colonies, the Muslim colonies of Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, to immigrate to their country. So it's not the older immigrants that are the problem, ... it's their kids, it's their offspring. They don't have jobs. They're ripe for radicalization. In the bust last night those were Frenchmen with French passports. ... And they have not addressed it because they let their lax immigration and political correctness cripple them. Sandra, we're doing the exact same thing here. ... So when the president says we don't have to worry about women and orphans, those are the exact people we need to worry about because it was a woman wearing a suicide vest last night. And it's not the orphans. It's the kids.

How many dumbs can dumb Andrea Tantaros dumb in one short statement? VERY MANY! So for ONE thing, orphans tend to be kids, so you can't say, "It's not the orphans, it's the kids," unless you want all the Wonkets in the world to laugh at you. Secondly, she's blaming France because it's this big melting pot what's been loving on the Muslims since the olden days, as opposed to America, a nation that apparently has no experience with immigrants.

And while she's right that Nana and Peeps the friendly Islamic grandparents are probably just GREAT, we think she's kind of broadbrushing to say that EVERY ONE of those Muslim Olds has been a total failure and raised little ISISes and ISIS-ettes.

AND! Also, too, and STFU Andrea Tantaros, but what in the name of Jesus Foot-washing Christ are you even talking about? What do French nationals who happen to be radicalized Muslims have to do with Syrian refugees fleeing war and murder, trying to get AWAY from those terrorist maniacs? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

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Oh we've heard Huckabee and others ask, "BUT WHAT IF A ISIS SNEAKS IN?" And yes, granted, that COULD happen.

But this is why the whole world is calling you and all your Republican friends cut-and-run pussies right now, and also not very Jesus-like, because you're willing to let the threat of ONE person (who apparently has super Muslim powers capable of crippling entire nations) be the reason you let untold numbers of little children starve, die, get murdered, et cetera. Little children who look like this:

I am the thing American Idiots are afraid of.


Here's some news to top off this post. While American wingnuts are jerking their tiny fear peckers into an orgasmic terror fit over Syrian refugees, France has announced that it's continuing with plans to accept 30,000 refugees next year, which is still three times as many as America will accept, with French president François Hollande calling it a "humanitarian duty."

Guess America does stand to learn a fucking thing or two from France.

[Media Matters]

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