Dumb Mike Pence Can't Stop Giggling Over How Much Black People Hate Donald Trump

Mike Pence, a very dumb man who is the running mate of another dumb man named Donald Trump, is a very dumb man. But even dumb-dumbs like him have occasional moments of #smart, and one of those happened when he was interviewed Monday by one of the Fox News blondes, the one they call "Ainsley Earhardt." She was all, "Yo, Mike Pence, did you hear your boy say that in 2020 he will get 95% of black voters to support him?" and Mike Pence did that thing above. Ainsley said, "Why are you laughing?" but she knew the answer inside her brain already, which is why she was giggling too.

Want the actual text for this awkward exchange? Here is the video (skip to around the two-minute mark) and below that is the text:

EARHARDT: Donald Trump's telling the African-American community, "I am the guy for you," and he says he's going to have 95% of the African-American support ... why are you laughing?


Pence continued:

Well that's Donald Trump! Look, he has a heart for every American, and he's a truth-teller ...

HAHA GOOD TRY, MIKE PENCE, but you are not smart enough to pivot skillfully out of this question. And we must also give credit where it is due, for that is an extremely human reaction to such a funny statement.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/604113/lets-lol-at-donald-trumps-maybe-vice-presidential-pick-mike-pence-who-is-a-idiot"></a>[/wonkbar]Know how we keep saying that Mike Pence is D-U-M? It's true! We sexplained all the reasons in this handy info-tainment Wonksplainer! But yet he's not quite stupid enough to buy Trump's claim that he will somehow become the man 95% of black people choose in 2020. Hell, he might be partially laughing because that statement assumes that Trump will be elected in 2016.

So kudos to Mike Pence for being, somehow, way smarter than the average Trump voter, which, GRANTED, isn't a very high bar, but still.

[The Daily Beast]

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