EAT THE KRAKEN! Trump Idiots Turning On Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Declaring Them Hot Garbage

This morning we talked about how the wingers are starting to eat Bill Barr for lunch with extra mayonnaise, and Donald Trump might even FIRE him, because Barr very Deep Statedly stated that the election was fine and he certainly hadn't seen any fraud that would change the election results, which are that Joe Biden beat the motherfucking shit out of Trump and will be inaugurated the 46th president on Jan. 20. Yes, the same Bill Barr you are thinking of. Deep State.

In short, we've reached the "let's just watch them eat each other" phase of this.

This afternoon, we shall talk about how some Republicans have decided to EAT THE KRAKEN, because, well, nutbag country lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood RELEASED THE KRAKEN but unfortunately it turned out the Kraken was a few hundred tentacles shy of a full squid. Hell, Powell tries to use imaginary things that happened in Michigan as evidence for Wisconsin lawsuits and probably couldn't even be trusted spell her own name right on a legal filing. (Read up on her latest legal fiLOLing here!) The Trump campaign theoretically defenestrated Powell from its team of lawyers last week, but Trump is still clearly listening to that idiot, so ...

Oh yes, and then there is Lin Wood, who may literally be bonkershits, who with Powell behind him amused Georgia idiots yesterday by leading them in chants to lock up GOP Gov. Brian Kemp, and by telling them not to vote for GOP Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, and just not to vote in general. "Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election, for God's sake? Fix it!" he said, "You gotta fix it!"

Well, enough of that! This KRAKEN is obviously going rotten, so time to EAT THE KRAKEN before it spoils any further.

Newt Gingrich served Sidney Powell and Lin Wood divorce papers in the hospital with this tweet:

Georgia voter Erick Erickson took a break from giving his goat its pre-fuck spray-down (allegedly!) long enough to write a piece called "I'm Sorry. I Was Wrong. The Deep State Really Is Trying to Steal the Election." You know, because he's a moron. But his argument, and the argument starting to go around the MAGA-rrific parts of the internet, is that because Lin Wood, perhaps in saner days, used to vote for and donate to Democrats, therefore he is DEEP STATE PLANT sent by Satan and Hillary Clinton to destroy the Republicans.

It turns out the Kraken is a deep state ploy to suppress the Republican vote and hand the Senate to Joe Biden so the Democrats can impose their gun tax and wipe out Donald Trump's legacy.

Lin Wood, who did not vote for Donald Trump in the Georgia presidential primary but did vote for Obama, wants you to let the Democrats destroy the Trump legacy.

Yeah, good luck trying to squeeze that Kraken back in the tube, buddy.

Of course, there is evidence that Lin Wood has, ahem, changed. Josh Marshall wrote an editor's blog yesterday about how "[b]ack in September three former law partners sued Wood for fees tied to the dissolution of the partnership. They claim they had to quit because he'd essentially lost his mind." Oh, there is so much more, but we don't have time right now, but just suffice to say it really does sound like the dude might have gone completely bonkershits.

Now, Occam's Razor would suggest that if dude has literally lost his mind, then it makes absolute sense that he is SNORTING THE KRAKEN with Sidney Powell in service of Donald Trump. If your dad was doing that, you'd take him to a neurologist or at least to the vet.


As if the Deep State needed help on that front.

That's the same essential argument being made at Breitbart by Matthew Boyle, in case you were wondering if there might be coordinated TIME TO EAT THE KRAKEN messaging going on.

And guess who tweeted out that article? No less than the Trump campaign:

You hate to see it.

It's fun to watch these people eat each other. Who will get steamrolled next? Tune in to find out, like tomorrow probably! By next week, Trump will probably have to resort to throwing his own family under the bus, so it'll probably be Jared and Ivanka and Eric and Trump's unsuccessful first attempt at reproduction, AKA Don Jr., AKA The Face That Makes Newborn Puppies Cry.

And you'll LOVE to see that.

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