Election Day Fun: Researchers Reveal Democrats And Republicans’ Most Favoritest TV Shows


It’s Election Day!

Are you a Democrat? Great, go vote and then enjoy a nice episode of Modern Family or Community!

Are you a Republican? Pshaw, your side already has this election in the bag, so just stay home and enjoy a nice NCIS or Blue Bloods marathon.

Those shows make the list of bewb tube favorites with the most highly partisan audiences, according to Entertainment Weekly, which did the research and crunched the numbers. (Or, more accurately, paid a consumer research agency to do it.)

The full list of shows for each side is looong, so HNTP categorized the highlights:


Most Obvious:

The Daily Show (duh)

Most Surprising:

Antiques Roadshow (can't resist anything on PBS, I guess)

Most Obscure:

What Would You Do? (gay marry our box turtles, obviously)

Most Embarrassing:

Braxton Family Values (this re-breaks my heart all over again)

Favorite Reality Genre:

Science Shows - Nova, Cosmos, Nature (lies from the pit of Hell!)

Recapped by HNTP:

Doctor Who, Homeland


Most Obvious:

Duck Dynasty (guns & bigotry, what more do you want?)

Most Surprising:

The Big Bang Theory (even with all the science and sex?)

Most Obscure:

Longmire (cancelled, sorry)

Most Embarrassing:

Hallmark Original Movie(s) (how life ought to be!)

Favorite Reality Genre:

Real Estate Shows - Buying and Selling, House Hunters, Love It or List It, Flip This House (home is where the money is)

Recapped by HNTP:

(None – I guess we know our audience)

So, how does the Entertainment Weekly list match your political leanings and viewership habits?

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