Elegant Gentlewoman Michele Fiore To Bring Guns, Boobs To Las Vegas City Council Race

For someone who insists government is the enemy of everything good and decent, Michele Fiore sure seems to want it to pay her bills. She gave up a chance for reelection to the Nevada State Assembly to run for Congress, but came in third in the Republican primary last June. But rejoice, ye Wonkers: Now Fiore hopes to bring her special perspective on guns, government tyranny, and why it's OK to shoot some (but not all) law enforcement officers to the Las Vegas City Council.

Fiore hopes to win the Ward 6 seat currently held by Steve Ross, who is term-limited from running again; his wife, Kelli Ross, has already announced her intention to run for the seat. Chris Garvey, a trustee of the Clark County School Board, is also running. So hey, even if it's a smaller jurisdiction, Fiore should have a pretty good shot at the seat, thanks to her huge assets: media attention and name recognition with the electorate (which are her nicknames for her breasts). Much of Ward 6 overlaps with Fiore's former Assembly district, so voters are likely to know who she is already -- and in the heavily Republican district, that's an advantage, even though this is Michele Fiore we're talking about.

What's not entirely clear is whether someone with Fiore's ego and national reputation can be satisfied with a mere city council seat. Some people might even be so cynical as to think she may be trying to use the city council as a starting place for a return to the Assembly, given that most of her national attention has come from her stances on issues that have little to do with municipal governance, like her advocacy of Second Amendment rights, her close ties with the Bundy family and their bizarre belief that the Constitution doesn't allow federal ownership of land, and her remarks last year justifying shooting law enforcement officers if you think they're not legitimate cops -- but only federal officers, not local cops, and only if they point a gun at you first, so let's not go calling her anti-cop or anything. She also doesn't think the Bureau of Land Management is allowed to have law enforcement, because she saw it in the Constitution.

God-Emperor of Nevada politics Jon Ralston (who is starting up his very own nonprofit journamalism outlet, cool beans!) thinks Fiore has a real shot at winning:

Even though Congress was a bridge too far for Fiore, a smaller political subdivision and a multi-way race were made for her campaign skills. That will be a fun one.

You bet we're looking forward to it. Fiore's a guaranteed font of political dumbfuckery, and given her problems with paying taxes and running a business, she's already proven she's never going to make it in the private sector, so it's pretty obvious she needs a government paycheck. She's just the gal Las Vegas needs to protect citizens from all those takers out there.

Oh, and did we mention Fiore really likes guns a lot?

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