Elitist Hobos Go 'Luxury Camping'


Well here is something to cheer up the most desperate hobo eating garbage out of a toilet in a landfill outside the closed-down mall. Here is video that you should be able to see, because we can see it, and we're not even close to rich: Sorry, we were trying out a "new video service" that does not seem to show the video. Here's a bit from a Guardian article, instead. That should work, right?

When a pound buys you little more than one euro, and staying at home was what you did last year, this summer's best holiday option may be to join the fastest growing trend – go glamping.

Backpack-free and not a soggy sleeping bag in sight, upmarket camping is coming of age in Britain with an explosion in the numbers of luxury venues for those who would like to enjoy the great outdoors without having to get their feet wet on a traditional campsite.

This month two specialist travel companies have opened dedicated glamping websites and Lonely Planet, the travel publisher, last month listed a glamping site as one of Britain's best short breaks.

Glamping, everybody! It means "Luxury Camping," but in British English, for douchebags! Catch it! [CBC News, if you can't see the video embedded above, for some reason?]


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