Elizabeth Warren Is So Angry It's Like She Knows Trump Is President

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Elizabeth Warren is "angry." That's what her political opponents claim, and it's in their interests to paint the selfie senator as a less-than-kindly schoolmarm. Joe Biden said Warren had an "angry, unyielding viewpoint." Pete Buttigieg thinks Warren's "so absorbed in the fighting that it is as though fighting were the purpose." He suggested she's only running to pick fights.

BUTTIGIEG: She's more interested in the fighting part of it. I'm more interested in outcomes.

It's unclear what "outcomes" Mayor Dobie will achieve as president other than having Republicans eat his lunch every day for four years. Warren actually understands that Republicans exist. She's not naive enough to think they'll suddenly have an "epiphany" and "rejoice" in the holy spirit of "bipartisanship" once Donald Trump's gone. If it sounds like Warren's ready for a fight, that means she's prepared to serve as the president of America not Hippie Dippy Land.

Fighting isn't Warren's singular objective. She's not Jake LaMotta. Her "purpose" is taxing rich people back into the Stone Age or more accurately the mid-1950s. If she was just a windmill tilter in a leather jacket, billionaires wouldn't have nightmares on their streets about her.

Attacking a woman as "angry" isn't new. It's been a thing for as long as men have dismissed the concerns and righteous fury of women, so forever. Suffragists were called irrational and even crazy for wanting to vote. It was considered "unladylike" for women in the early 20th Century to protest or demand things. The male liberal view was that women could "earn" what was already theirs -- human rights -- through "polite, reasoned debate." Fuck that noise.

Sen. Warren takes selfies for 4 hours with supporters in NYC www.youtube.com

Anyone who paid attention to the 2016 presidential campaign would recall that meekly challenging the perceived "status quo" didn't work. Republican primary voters perceived Trump as the lion and Jeb! Bush as the lamb. A Jeb! supporter in South Carolina asked him directly, "Can you be — excuse me for saying in the vernacular — a son of a bitch?" Republicans were really mad at the nice black guy in the White House. They wanted a nominee and a president who'd hurt the "right people." Warren just wants to give us better health care. She's also not objectively the "angriest" candidate. She's never threatened to take Trump outside and "show him what it's like." That was Uncle Joe, who received applause whenever he shared fantasies of beating up Trump in high school. But white male anger is respected and a woman's anger is held in contempt. Yet the former gave us Trump and the latter delivered a democracy-resuscitating Blue Wave.

In an email to supporters Friday, Warren embraced her anger like a Sith Lord.

WARREN: Over and over, we are told that women are not allowed to be angry. It makes us unattractive to powerful men who want us to be quiet... Well, I am angry and I own it. I'm angry on behalf of everyone who is hurt by Trump's government, our rigged economy, and business as usual. And we can translate this anger into real change -- if we all fight side by side.

If you're tempted to argue that the "angry" charge against Warren isn't necessarily gendered garbage, remember that conservatives constantly called the much-beloved (at least now) Michelle Obama "angry." They started in 2008 and haven't actually stopped. The irony is that women's anger is generally constructive not destructive. Women organized the first major protest against Trump's presidency. They phone banked and knock on doors during special elections and midterms. A woman took the rage she felt after her son was senselessly murdered and flipped a red seat in the House. We need more anger not complicity. I support the angry women because they're ready for the battle ahead.


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