Elizabeth Warren Promises Little Girl She'll Close The Camps
Elizabeth Warren leans in (to hear a little kid). ABC News video screenshot.

At a campaign rally in Keene, New Hampshire, Tuesday, Elizabeth Warren took a question from a little girl about immigration policy. It was a pretty good question!

Girl: My name is Elizabeth [last name inaudible, thankfully for her family]

Warren: Oh wow! Double Elizabeth. I feel the power.

Girl: I'm seven years old.

I'm not.

Girl: [purest loudest girly giggle you'll hear on video all week]

Then little Elizabeth got to her question: "I wanted to know if …" and it looks like her mom gave her a bit of help. "… if you're going to close the camps?"

Long uncomfortable pause.

Small Elizabeth: The camps.

Warren: The camps where the children are held?

Small Elizabeth: Uh-huh.

Warren: Yes. Yes, I will, Elizabeth.

Warren went on to say that her plans "depend on" people like Elizabeth and another kid who had asked a question, although she's not waiting for them to grow up and get elected themselves. And yes, Warren has both an immigration reform plan, and a plan to investigate and prosecute the collaborators in the government, too.

Needless to say, wingnuts were quick to dismiss the moment as a crazy liberal parent who forced their kid to ask something children know nothing about, because children are just little indoctrinated robots when they care about things liberals care about, but wise beyond their years when they spout racist trash about guns and illegal immigrants, or say they hate how conservatives can't get an even break.

Also, the however-many full-time folks at Twitchy were quick to compile aggrieved conservatives pointing out there are NO CONCENTRATION CAMPS at the border, and Barack Obama built every single one of them. Yr Dok Zoom might point out that since the human rights abuses of last summer, the camps have been largely replaced with new horrors that are also harming children, but no we're not going to go into detail fact-checking a seven-year-old. If you're talking about 2019 as a whole, "the camps" is definitely on the money:

And yes, family separations are still happening and unaccompanied kids are still kept in dangerous conditions, so let's not call Trump any kind of hero for forcing most asylum-seeking families to do their suffering in Mexico or Guiatemala, where Americans can more readily ignore it.

Oh, yeah, Twitchy also took time to remind us that in December, Warren told another kid she'd end global warming. HAHA MAYBE WITH A RAIN DANCE BECAUSE GLOBAL WARMING IS FAKE: "We're pretty sure there aren't any Native American ceremonies that can affect the sun, so we're not sure what Elizabeth Warren will do to stop global warming."

They're so good at both racism AND science.

So, sure, little Elizabeth had some help from mom. That doesn't mean kids are stupid, or that their concerns about adult news are fake. Yeah, we all cringe at David Sedaris's story about the preschooler whose parents made him ask Santa for "Procton and Gamble" to stop animal testing.

But kids of six and up can do empathy, even if they don't get all the details of what the adults are talking about. Was the girl a prop? Maybe? Or maybe she was a kid who gave a shit about other kids in terrible circumstances. Let's dismiss her altogether or blame Obama (falsely) so that makes anything Trump does OK. Don't be silly. Children don't understand complex issues, and when they say they do they're all just puppets of dishonest adults. Nobody should listen to the dubious moral advice of teenagers like Anne Frank.

When Kid Zoom and a friend were both about seven, they got dragged along by the friend's mom to a local political event, and politely pointed out to a guy who insisted that a flat tax is "fair" that there was a problem with his simple math test: If you take ten bucks from someone who has only $100, that person misses it a lot more than the person with a thousand bucks would miss $100 dollars. No, I don't have video, so I probably made it all up and kids are stupid, don't use them as props.

I also vividly remember being about nine or ten and being so horrified by a catechism classmate's description of what she'd been told happens to aborted babies -- she also described the photos in an "abortion magazine" -- that I burst into tears and had to leave the room. Was I a kid with limited understanding? Absolutely. Was I horrified? Absolutely. I may have been young, and sure, indoctrinated, but when I went to a "pro life" rally with a church group, I was definitely no prop.

But that's why it's up to grownups to make the plans and policies that won't put kids in camps. And which ensure that babies will be wanted and loved.

Pssh, never mind, kids are dumb. But look at this delightful four-year-old who knows how to operate a bolt-action rifle!

Maybe little Elizabeth needs to be taught why it's necessary to pack children her age into camps. Or to tell her it's just the same as what liberals do to little babies. If nothing else, she needs a little pink gun.

[WaPo / Team Warren / Twitchy]

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