Even Republicans Finally Tired of Sarah Palin

Aging reality-show diva Sarah Palin is finally suffering the fate of all talentless "famous for being famous" people: Her popularity is rapidly fading, and her days as an A-lister are forever in the past. This doesn't mean she'll ever have to actually work for a living -- there will be infomercials for adult diapers, live appearances at regional strip-mall openings and other low-rent ways to bring in enough money to keep her far more comfortable than she deserves. But evenFox News is about to drop Palin from a lucrative on-air contract, as her nails-on-chalkboard voice and jabbering nonsense have never translated into ratings for the cable channel, and her unfavorable rating with Republican voters is now at an all-time high of 37%, worse than any other Republican talking about running for president in 2012. It only took two-and-a-half years of the most venal, vulgar behavior to chop Palin down to nobody size again, but now there's at least the hope of seeing the Wasilla Grifter pushed off the national stage forever.

TPM reports:

It's the first time the survey has shown Palin drastically losing support within her own party.

Just 58% of self-identified Republicans said they view Palin favorably, down 12 points since last October. At the same time, the percentage of Republicans who have an unfavorable opinion of her leapt from 21% in October to 37% now.

While it's true that there are worse people in the GOP who simply refuse to ever leave politics despite holding no office and having no chance of ever winning even a primary -- we are talking about you, Newt, you amoral slug -- staying "in politics" requires something that Sarah Palin hates like nothing else: hard work. Her second "book" was just excerpts from other books assembled by bored junior editors in a cubicle somewhere, nobody on Fox but Todd's girlfriend Greta even bothers inviting Sarah to butcher basic words from her backyard webcam anymore, and an astounding 42% of Republicans don't even like the worn-out never-was.

It's almost as if Republican working-class people finally figured out the only person profiting from Sarah Palin's shitty act was ... Sarah Palin.

It's always dangerous to say good-bye to someone who has no intention of leaving, but we'll do it anyway just to join the chorus: Good-bye, you mean old idiot. Good-bye and good riddance. [Talking Points Memo/ABC News]


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