Everyone Is Making Money Off Malaysia Except Us And We Are Sad And Mad


Remember last week when we were allbeating the living shit out of Josh Trevino for taking those sweet-ass Malaysian bribe monies? That was awesome. It was made doubly great by the fact that Trevino had funneled a whole bunch of his Malaysian coin to other conservative luminaries like Ben Domenech? Yr Wonkette cannot help but wonder if Mr. Domenech earned his Malaysian booty or if he just plagiarized it for even easier money.

This week, we learn, with heavy heart, that this journalistic perfidy was also committed by a liebrul blogger because BOTH SIDES DO IT ETC. ETC. ETC.:

Two of the main players in the campaign funded by the Malaysian government that placed undisclosed propaganda in the American press did not file with the Department of Justice under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), an omission that lawyers say could place them in legal jeopardy.

David All, a Republican online operative whose David All Group originally contacted conservative writer Joshua Trevino, Trevino said, to conduct a PR operation on behalf of the Malaysian government, is not listed in the records. Nor is Jerome Armstrong, a pioneering liberal blogger whose MyDD was for a time a key site, and who took a leading role alongside Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas in Matt Bai's 2007 book on how bloggers and billionares were remaking the Democratic Party, who Trevino says was engaged by All at the same time as him to run the website MalaysiaMatters.com as part of a paid media push that backed the country's ruling party and attacked its critics.

GodDAMNit. Apparently everyone got bribe money except yr Wonkette. We're living on scraps over here, eking out our pathetic internet snark living. Apparently all we need to do to be rich is just agree to talk smack about the opposition leader of Malaysia, or something. (We tried to figure out what we'd have to say to earn Malaymoney, but then we got bored because it was all geopolitical and hard to follow.)

Also hard to follow are the approximately ten thousand words from Jerome Armstrong about how this worked and how Jerome Armstrong basically thinks he invented blogging or invented Malaysia, or something:

Malaysia has a really strong blogosphere, and I subsequently got involved on my own with continued conversations with some of the activists and political groups there, but is not a country with a free press. That all changed with the internet by the middle of the decade, and there as a brief moment when it was feared that things would go the way of Singapore. In 2008, bloggers were being thrown into jail, and Badawi was hearing from many that he should outlaw blogs/online political speech. So, when I was there talking with him, it was about praising his initiative, and telling him that would be a very good legacy for him to have initiated.... and showed him how Malaysia Matters worked, and tried to get across to him that it could be used by any political party; that he should be meeting with antagonistic bloggers and try to win them over. Badawi seemed to get it, but his communications director listened in, and by the 'online outreach' results of the next special election, and his subsequent blogger outreach, it definitely turned out that way.

We have no idea what that means but we think it is ... boring! We will go with "boring" over WTF SARAH PALIN!!! Also, too, Jerome Armstrong invented the word netroots, so fuck that guy. Let us be clear, however: if you are Malaysia or any other oppressive regime that would like to pay to play, we will happily construct stupid neologism after stupid neologism, although ours would probably all be portmanteaus where we just mash together different obscene words referring to genitalia. Foreign governments want that, right? Yr Wonkette humbly awaits.



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