Everyone Who Calls Allen West Sexist Is Just a Racist

Hohboy these liberals, their racism knows no bounds: Allen West isfurious, just furious (his only waking state), that he is not allowed to send even one demented misogynistic screed to a House female without everyone on the Left double-dildo victimizing him with racial discrimination. Is that possibly a hypocritical thing to claim if you are a sexist? "The thing that really most aggravates me is that there is this double standard," Wasserman said of West's accusation that she is "not a Lady," because ladies should not criticize a man's views. JUST KIDDING. SHE DID NOT SAY THAT, Allen West did. "The thing that really most aggravates me is that there is this double standard," West said of liberals, who never even bother to attack white people for saying dumb things.

"People on the hard left can continue to attack conservatives and especially minority conservatives," he added, to prove his point that it is unfair for people from the opposition to be able to attack anyone who is a minority. Haha, has anyone else in the GOP gotten this memo re: Obama?

And finally more of this nonsense, from TPM:

"I grew up in the inner city, strong values, came from a strong military family and background," West continues. "What we do is we totally invalidate the liberal social welfare policies and programs. And you know, I'm the threat because I'm the guy that got off their 21st-century plantation, and they cannot afford to have a strong voice such as mine out there, reverberating and resonating across this country."

Allen West is one of those urban blacks who got off that 21st-century plantation honey train whatever that is, you know, the one that's been so sweet to blacks all this time, and so he can say whatever the hell he wants to about the Ladies, he's earned that much, case closed. [TPM]


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