Ex-Navy Chaplain/Wingnut Suggests Black People Protest Other Black People Instead Of Racist Cops

Ex-Navy Chaplain/Wingnut Suggests Black People Protest Other Black People Instead Of Racist Cops

People across the country this week are appalled and horrified by the blatant murder of George Floyd by (now former) police officer Derek Chauvin. Many are protesting because they are just really, really sick of white police officers murdering unarmed black people for no reason and then never even getting in trouble for it. People are outraged, as well they should be!

Also outraged is former Navy chaplain Gordon "Chaps" Klingenschmitt. Is he outraged by the murder of George Floyd? No. Of course not. That was about as likely as "Chaps" changing his outfit from his usual "Mike Meyers as Dieter on Sprockets" ensemble. Rather, he is outraged that black people are protesting against police brutality instead of against abortion, on account of how he would really prefer it if they protested against abortion.

On his show "Pray in Jesus Name," Chaps and fellow right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein lamented that black people did not protest in such great numbers against abortion, which they claim is a "genocide" of black people.

Via RightWingWatch:

"Planned Parenthood has killed 360,000 black babies in 2014 and similar numbers and other years," Klingenschmitt said. "Black children have been the victims of genocide for many, many years and nobody bats an eye. In fact, the Democrats want federal funding for this. Is there any outrage that you've seen over the innocent blacks who are being murdered compared to this guy who was suspected of forgery? Granted, that is a crime. He's not innocent, but still should not have been mistreated the way he was."

So, first of all, just to get this out of the way, while forgery is a crime, being suspected of it is not. That's why we have courts and things like that. Also, even if he were guilty, forgery is not a thing we give out the death penalty for. Also it is more likely than not that someone gave George Floyd the fake $20 bill and he didn't even know it! How many people carry around one of those highligher pen thingies to check to make sure that every $20 bill in their wallet is legit? None! None people!

And he wasn't mistreated, he was murdered. Very big difference! If I walked up to Gordon Klingenschmitt and tried to stab him in the face, he wouldn't say, "Help! This woman is trying to mistreat me!" He would yell "Help! This woman is trying to murder me!" Big difference. Let us note that he has no issue using the word "murder" to refer to abortion, a completely legal procedure that is not murder.

"There's no question that the Democrats are truly the party of death," Bernstein responded. "They celebrate death, they fund death, they do political activity based on the ability to bring death to unborn babies … These people are animals, truly animals, that anyone that would do that to a child, but you know, I don't see them protesting in front of Planned Parenthoods. Where are the black activists out there that are for life that should be out there protesting Planned Parenthood?"

Now, sure. Klingenschmitt and Bernstein really hate abortion, and they would really love for black Americans to start protesting abortion and declaring it to be a genocide against black people, because of how that would assist them in getting more people to oppose abortion. They feel that this would give them a certain amount of leverage.

But that is not the only appeal of this bullshit. It is also very appealing to people like Klingenschmitt and Bernstein because these abortions are something that have nothing to do with racist white people. They are not the ones responsible for what they are calling a "genocide." They are not the ones having these abortions, black people are. They want black people to go out and yell at other black people not to have abortions. They do not want black people to go out and yell at white people for racism.

It's eerily similar to another popular rightwing refrain in times of "a white police officer just murdered another unarmed black person" — the old classic, "why don't they protest black-on-black violence?" There are many, many organizations — here's just one! — led by and made up of black people, that go out and literally stand in between kids who are beefing, even stand right in front of kids who have weapons. They don't "protest" black-on-black violence, they go and stop it physically. Klingenschmitt and Bernstein don't care about that; it would ruin their notion that black people should only protest other black people.


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