False-Flagging Lieberals Obviously Behind Nice Young Man Spewing White Power Stuff All Over CPAC

False-Flagging Lieberals Obviously Behind Nice Young Man Spewing White Power Stuff All Over CPAC

Our friends at Think Progress have posted video of theobvious liberal who loves slavery riling up a CPAC panel on "minority outreach," and so we are appropriating it, for communism. You can see it after the jump! But until then: HEY WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THE OBVIOUS LIBERAL WHO LOVES SLAVERY RILING UP A CPAC PANEL ON MINORITY OUTREACH? Well, we are glad you asked! We, in turn, will ask Think Progress!

[A]n audience member from North Carolina, 30-year-old Scott Terry, asked whether Republicans could endorse races remaining separate but equal. After the presenter, K. Carl Smith of Frederick Douglass Republicans, answered by referencing a letter by Frederick Douglass forgiving his former master, the audience member said “For what? For feeding him and housing him?”

After the exchange, Terry muttered under his breath, “why can’t we just have segregation?” noting the Constitution’s protections for freedom of association.

A+ minority outreach, Scott Terry! Would do minority outreach with you again!

ThinkProgress spoke with Terry, who sported a Rick Santorum sticker and attended CPAC with a friend who wore a Confederate Flag-emblazoned t-shirt, about his views after the panel. Terry maintained that white people have been “systematically disenfranchised” by federal legislation.

When asked by ThinkProgress if he’d accept a society where African-Americans were permanently subservient to whites, he said “I’d be fine with that.” He also claimed that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa,” and that “all the Tea Parties” were concerned with the same racial problems that he was.

At one point, a woman challenged him on the Republican Party’s roots, to which Terry responded, “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.”

Obviously Rick Santorum would never be associated with anyone who would denigrate our brothers and sisters of color, so Scott Terry must be an Obama-loving communist!

Scott Terry also sounds like the kind of man who gets a lot of loving at home, because some people are into that, we guess.

And there you have it! An obvious plant is continuing the Demrats' war on women and people of color, because the GOP is the party of Lincoln, the end.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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